Dreams srtarting with V

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Vermin.—To dream that you are surrounded and attacked by vermin, some creeping over your body, and others assailing you in various parts of your frame, signifies that you will be gladdened and rejoiced to learn that you have become entitled to the possession of considerable property through the death of a relative.Villainy.—To dream that you are exposed to some villainy by one from whom you expected different conduct, denotes that you will be astonished to learn that you have had a fortune left to you by one who was no relation. Virgin.—A virgin dreaming that she has lost her virginity, signifies great danger. Vow.—To dream that you have made a vow and broken it, is bad to all. Velvet.—To dream you trade with a stranger in velvet and other silks, is a sign of profit and joy. Vote.—To dream you are voting is bad, particularly to sick persons. For a newly-married woman to dream of voting, is a sure sign her first child will be a boy, who will come to great honors. Vulture.—To dream of the vulture is unfortunate to all except sick persons, to whom it foretells a speedy recovery. Victuals.—To dream of victuals and that you eat a variety of them, signifies loss. Vines.—To dream of vines denotes health and wealth to the dreamer. To dream you are a vine, foretells abundance and fertility; for which we have the example of Astyages, King of the Medes, who dreamed that his daughter[48] brought forth a vine, which was a prognostic of the grandeur, riches and felicity of Cyrus, who was born of her body after this dream. Vinegar.—To dream you drink vinegar, signifies sickness. Violin.—To dream one plays or sees another play upon the violin or other musical instrument, signifies good news and concord between man and wife, master and apprentice, brother and sister, &c. Vomit.—To dream of vomiting, whether of blood, meat or phlegm, signifies to the poor, profit, to the rich, hurt. Venison.—To dream about venison, denotes change in affairs. To dream you eat of it, signifies misfortune. Volcano.—To dream about volcanos forbodes liberty to a person in prison, and peace and happiness to those out of it.

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