Dreams starting with A

Dreams starting with A

Acquaintance.—To dream that you fight with them signifies distraction, especially if the person so dreaming be sick. Adversary.—To dream that you receive obstruction from him, shows that you will dispatch your business speedily. Adultery.—For a person to dream that they have committed it, shows they will meet great contentions and disputes. Almonds.—To dream one sees or eats almonds, signifies difficulties and trouble. Alms.—To dream that they are begged of you, and you deny to give them, shows want and misery to the dreamer; but to dream you give them freely is a sign of joy and gladness. Anchor.—To dream you see one, signifies great assurance and certain joys. Altar.—To dream you uncover or discover an altar, betokens joy and gladness. Angel.—To dream you see angels is good, but to speak with or call upon them is evil. Anger.—To dream that you have been provoked to anger shows that you have powerful enemies. Angling.—To dream that you are angling, betokens much affliction and trouble in something which you desire to get. Apes.—To dream you have seen or had anything to do with them, signifies malicious, weak, strange and secret enemies; also a malefactor and deceiver. Apparition.—To dream you see an apparition, or spirit, clothed in white, signifies deceit and temptation to sin. Adam.—To dream you see this father of men, this inhabitant of Paradise, who was betrayed by Eve into sin, is a happy omen. If he looks pleasant, be sure you will succeed in whatever you undertake. If he looks displeased and angry, then you must use great[8] caution in all your dealings, for some mischief is intended you, but you will get the better of it. Be careful, if he speaks to you, to mind what he says, and observe it as faithfully as you possibly can. Absence.

To dream of any absent friends,
Good news of them, or ill, portends;
But if at thy bedside they seem,
Their deaths, perhaps, may solve thy dream.

Abuse.—To dream that you are abused and insulted, is a certain sign some dispute will happen between you and some person with whom you have business; therefore after such a dream you should be particularly careful of yourself and be as gentle and mild as possible, that you may not give those with whom you have dealings any advantage over you. Acorns.

To dream of acorns do not slight,
It promises both strength and might.

Ague.—To dream you have an ague, denotes that you are in danger of becoming a drunkard and a glutton. To dream your sweetheart has an ague, is a lucky omen; it shows you are beloved, and that you will be happy with the object of your wishes, but never very rich. Apparel.—Nothing more demonstrates the events that are about to happen to you, than dreaming of wearing apparel; but almost every color has a different interpretation, and must depend on its being new or old, its fitting you, or being too big or too little. To dream you are dressed in white, is a sure token of success in the first object you undertake, and that you will be successful in love, and that your sweetheart is of good temper and amiable disposition. To dream that you are dressed in green denotes that you are about to take a journey to your advantage, and that your sweetheart prefers you to all other lovers. To dream that you are dressed in black is an unlucky omen. To dream that you are dressed in blue, denotes happiness. If you dream you are dressed in scarlet, you are thereby warned of some very heavy calamity. To dream you are dressed in yellow, is rather lucky than otherwise. To dream you are dressed in crimson, indicates that you will live to a good old age, and be neither very fortunate or unfortunate through life; it denotes a dispute between landlord and tenant, which will be settled amicably to the advantage of the latter. To dream that you are dressed in a variety of colors, denotes a variety of fortunes is about to attend you. To dream you are fashionably dressed and in good company, is very good for the dreamer; he will rise considerably above his present condition. To dream your clothes fit you well and are comfortable to the season of the year, is favorable and denotes success. To dream your clothes do not fit you, and that they are not suitable to the season, denotes death of some friend and a loss by fire. To dream you see another dressed in any of the modes above described, forebodes to the person dreamt of the same fortunes. To dream you are dressed in new clothes, is a very favorable omen; it portends honors and success to your undertakings.[9] Apparitions.—To dream you see a ghost, goblin, spectre and such kind of things, is of a very unfortunate nature; if you are in love, it is a certain sign of your not being beloved in return; depend upon it some one is about to deceive you and that you are friendly with one who is your most inveterate enemy. Arms.—To dream your arms are withered is a certain sign that you will decay in health and fortune. To dream they are growing strong signifies that some unexpected success will attend you. To dream that your right arm is cut off, denotes you will lose some male relation. To dream your left arm is cut off, denotes you will lose some near female relative. For a married woman to dream her arms have grown lusty and strong, denotes that she will have many male children, that her husband will arrive at public honors and will grow rich and make many friends. Apples.—To dream of apples betokens long life and success, a boy to a woman with child, faithfulness in your sweetheart and riches by trade. Apricots.—To dream of apricots, denotes health and prosperity, a speedy marriage, dutiful children and success in love. Asses.—To dream you see jackasses, is a good sign. To dream you are riding on an ass, is the forerunner of some foolish quarrel. To dream that you are driving an ass, denotes that you will fall into some trouble, of which you will get the better. To dream an ass runs after you, denotes that some slander will be raised against you by some foolish persons, who will be themselves the victims of the scandal raised against you. To dream you see an ass fall loaded, is a very good import and shows that you will be the founder of your own fortune. Attorneys.—To dream that you are speaking with them, shows hindrance of business and that a man will have little success in his affairs. Armed Men.—To see them in your dream, is a good sign, and denotes one void of fear; to dream you see an armed man fly is a sign of victory; to see men come in arms against you, signifies sadness. Action.—To dream that you are sent of an errand, signifies great loss to the married; to the lover it denotes success in his pursuit, and that he will shortly marry a very amiable and accomplished maiden. For a maiden to dream that she was sent on an errand, denotes that she will shortly marry the object of her affections and be very happy. To the sick it denotes a speedy recovery. Ascend.—For one to dream they ascend towards the skies is favorable, particularly so if the clouds appear bright. Air.—To dream of the atmosphere has a variety of interpretations, and depends entirely on its appearance. If you dream the sky is clear, of a fine blue, calm and serene, then it is a good omen. To dream that it is streaked with white, denotes that many severe difficulties will befall you, over which you will eventually triumph. To dream that it was full of thick, dark and heavy clouds, is an unfavorable token; disappointments will attend you. To dream that the sky is streaked with red and looks fiery, denotes that in love you will be successful; in business not so; it also forewarns you that sickness and trouble will attend your family. Altar.—To dream you are at the altar[10] and receiving the holy sacrament is a very unfavorable omen, and denotes many heavy and severe afflictions. Adder.—A person that dreams of the asp and the adder, is thereby betokened to have stores of money and rich wives. Assassin.—To dream of an assassin is a warning not to be neglected. Shun all pretending friends, lend no money, be ever on your guard, and you may escape destruction, which is planned for your ruin. Ants.—To dream of these industrious little insects, hath a variety of interpretations, depending on the manner in which you dream of them; if you see them running about, it denotes that you will be a great loser by some plan that you will undertake for gain. If you dream you see them busily employed laying in their winter stores, it is a good omen—things will prosper with you. If they appear to be devoured by other animals, and otherwise injured and trodden upon, then it is a bad omen. If you dream of these insects when you are sick, you must expect to recover very slowly. Auction.—To dream you attend an auction is, on the whole, unfavorable. If you purchase, expect loss of property. If you only attend, you are sure to meet with a heavy deprivation of friends and property. If you pass by one, then you will attain, in a few years, all that you moderately desire.

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