Dreams starting with B

Dreams starting with B


To dream a bear thy step pursues,
A cruel foe some mischief brews.

Beggars.—To dream of beggars is rather unfavorable, especially to lovers and persons in business. To dream they beg alms of you and that you refuse it, denotes misery, want, and a prison; if you are in love, some scandalous person will ruin you with your sweetheart. To dream that you give them alms, indicates success in business, and that you will obtain, after much difficulty, the object of your affections; your children will be sickly, and narrowly escape many dangers. Bleeding.—To dream you are bleeding, denotes loss of goods and character, and that your sweetheart will not marry you. To dream you see another bleeding, indicates that some person who pretends to be your friend is about to take some great advantage of you. To dream you draw blood of another, denotes that you will recover a lawsuit and be successful in love and business. To dream another draws blood of you, is a certain prognostic that you will be unsuccessful in love and in business, and in everything you undertake. Blind.—To dream of being blind is a sure sign that you repose your confidence in some person who is your bitter enemy; it denotes also that your sweetheart is unfaithful and prefers another; in business it denotes that you will lose money, and that your servants lack fidelity. Boat.—To dream that you are on the water in a boat, provided you are in company, denotes prosperity and success in your undertakings. If you dream you are in a boat alone, it is a bad omen. To dream the boat oversets, is the most fatal of all omens. Bridge.—To dream you are crossing over a bridge is a good omen—it denotes prosperity through life, and success in love. To dream you are passing under a bridge, indicates that you will never be perfectly[11] at ease. If you meet with any obstruction on the bridge it foretells a fit of sickness; are you a lover, it denotes that your sweetheart will be afflicted with illness. To dream a bridge breaks down with you denotes sudden death. Bread.—To dream you see a great quantity of loaves of bread, denotes success in life. To dream you are eating good bread, denotes that you will be shortly married. To dream the bread is musty and bad, denotes the loss of friends and that some near relation will shortly die.Brother.—To dream you see your brother, denotes a speedy marriage in your family and that the dreamer will not be long-lived; if you are in love it is a favorable omen. Building.—To dream of being amongst buildings, denotes that you will change your present place of residence and that you will make many new friends in life; if you are in love it foretells your sweetheart is about to remove at a distance from you, and that you will be in danger of losing the affections of your lover by a new face. Bulls.—To dream you are pursued by a bull, denotes that many injurious reports will be spread on your character. If you dream the bull gores you, or tosses you, then expect shortly to lose your liberty; it denotes that some person in power will do you an injury. Burning.

To dream of burning doth imply,
A sudden danger, ripe and nigh;
Of all escapes you then beware,
For though fate threatens, it may spare.

Butchers.—To dream of seeing butchers is in general a very unlucky omen; it always foretells some injury to the dreamer. If you see them cutting up meat some of your friends will be hanged, and you will experience much misery and poverty. Bed.—To dream you go to the bedside of your lover, foretells a speedy marriage; if you dream you go between the sheets, you will have a child within twelve months after marriage, who will become rich and afford you support in your old age. Banquets.—To dream of banquets denotes poverty and want. Bat.—To dream of bats is very inauspicious. Belly.—To dream one’s belly is bigger and fuller than ordinary, shows his family and estate will increase. If one dreams his belly is grown lean and shrunk up, he will be joyfully delivered of some bad accident. If any one dreams that his belly is swelled, and yet notwithstanding be empty, he will become poor, though he be rich in the esteem of many people in the world. If any one dreams his belly aches, he will be afflicted in his family and have many cares upon him. Blowing the Fire.—To dream you are blowing the fire indicates to the lover, that your sweetheart is very angry with you. Barn.—To dream of a barn, and that you see it well stored with corn, denotes much good; it foretells to a man that he will marry some rich woman; to a maid, that she will marry a man who will grow very rich by his industry, and be promoted in the state. If you dream you see an empty barn, the reverse will happen. Bathing.—To dream of a bath is a very unpropitious omen; expect after[12] it to experience many mishaps and much sorrow. If you are in love, your sweetheart will experience many crosses and losses; but to dream you are bathing yourself in clear water, denotes happiness, prosperity and success in love—if the water is dirty, then it foretells shame and sorrow, and a disappointment in love. Beheading.—To dream you see any one beheaded, is a good omen; if you are in love, you will marry the object of your affections. If you are in prison, you will speedily gain your liberty. Bells.—To dream you hear the bells ringing, denotes a speedy marriage and that you will receive some very good news. Bees.—To dream they sting you, denotes loss of character, and if you are in love, of your sweetheart. To dream you see them at work, is a very lucky dream; it forebodes great success by your own industry. To dream you see them making their honey under your own roof is the best omen in the world. For the rich to dream of bees, is rather unlucky, but to the poor, they denote comfort, affluence and success. Beard.—For a man to dream he has a long beard, denotes good fortune; if he is in trade, he will thrive; if he is in love, he will marry the present object of his affections, who will bring him some money; if he is a farmer, it denotes good crops, and an addition to his farm. If a married woman dreams of a beard, it is unlucky; it foretells the loss of her husband and that she will fall into great distress. If a maid dreams of a beard, it denotes that she will be quickly married and that the fruit of her womb is a boy. For a woman to dream that she has a beard is a very lucky omen, and denotes that she will speedily attain her most sanguine desires. Battle.—To dream of battle in the streets, forewarns you against secret enemies who will endeavor to harm you. If you are in love, your sweetheart is false to you. Bacon.—To dream of bacon denotes the death of some friend or relation and that enemies will endeavor to do you mischief. In love, it denotes disappointment and discontent. Back.—To dream you see your back, betokens some uneasiness; for the back to be broken or hurt, shows you will be scoffed at by your enemies; yet to dream of the backbone, signifies health and success in love, marriage and business. Basin.—To dream of a basin, signifies a good maid; and to dream you eat or drink therein, shows you have a love to the servant maid. For a man to see himself in a basin as in a glass, denotes he shall have children by a servant maid. Beech and Myrtle Trees.—Signifies wanton women and are good for those who would undertake any such business; to others they are pain and labor. Beans.—To dream you are eating beans always signifies trouble and dissension. Beets.—To dream of eating beets, signifies freedom from trouble and expedition on business, because they make the body soluble. Burial.

To dream a burial passes by,
News of the living doth imply.

Briars and Brambles.—If you dream you are passing through places covered with these things, it portends troubles; if they prick you, secret enemies will do you an injury with your friends[13] and unfavorable tales will make your sweetheart shy of you; if they draw blood of you, expect heavy losses in trade. If you dream you pass through them without injury, then you will at last triumph over all your enemies and become happy. Bells.—To dream one hears ringing of bells, if of a sanguine complexion, brings them good news; but to others, it shows alarms, murmurings, disturbances and commotions. Birding.—To dream you catch birds, signifies profit and pleasure. Bird’s Nest.—To dream you find one is a good sign. To dream you find one without eggs or birds, shows you will meet with great disappointments. Birth.—To dream of one’s birth is good for him that is poor; but to him that is rich, this dream signifies that others shall rule over him against his will. Blindman’s Buff.—To dream that one plays blindman’s buff, signifies prosperity, joy and pleasure. Blossoming of Trees.—To dream you see all sorts of trees blossoming, is a sign of joy, comfort and recreation. Brewing and Baking.—To dream of brewing and baking is the sign of an ill housewife, who lies dreaming in bed, when she should be at work and doing her business. Breast.—To dream that you have hairy breasts and the tap pup covered with hair, denotes great gain and profit to men; but to a woman, loss of her husband. If a young married woman dreams that her breasts are full and spurting out milk, it signifies that she is with child and that it will be a perfect birth. If a virgin dreams thus, she is near her marriage. If a woman dreams she has sore breasts she is threatened with death. Broth.—To dream of eating broth is a good sign and signifies profit and gain. Buried Alive.—For a man to dream he is buried alive, signifies he shall have much wealth. Burned.—For a man to dream he is burned, signifies (according to the interpretations of the Persians and Egyptians) that he shall be rich, honored and respected; but if he imagines that he was burned by a fire that did not quite consume him, he will inevitably perish in the end. Basket.—For a man to dream of baskets is evil; it denotes decay of business to a merchant, want of employment to a mechanic, and loss of place to a servant; but if a woman dreams she receives a number of baskets it is a good omen, and especially so if well filled; to a maiden it denotes that she will have many new lovers; to a wife, that she will have an increase in her family, and to the widow, that she will soon marry again. Bonnet.—For a maiden to dream she gets a new bonnet, gives promise of a new lover, but Mother Shipton says that much depends on the color; if green, he will be deceitful; if blue, he will prove affectionate; if pink, his love will not be lasting; if yellow or white, he will quickly improve marriage; but if a female loses her bonnet, it behooves her to be guarded of her virtue, for she is in danger of being led astray; if it be blown off, she will have something she dearly prizes stolen from her. Buttons.—To dream of bright buttons is seldom good; if rusty, it portends misfortune; if covered, sadness. If a man dreams he has lost all the buttons of his clothes, it is a sign he will not live long.

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