Dreams starting with C

Dreams starting with C

Cards.—To dream that you are playing at cards is a sure prognostic that you will be in love, and speedily married. If you hold a great many picture cards, your marriage will be the means of making you rich and happy. If your cards are mostly diamonds, the person you marry will be of a sour and disagreeable temper. If they are mostly hearts, your marriage will cement love, and you will be very happy and have many children. If they are mostly clubs, you will get money by your marriage. If they are mostly spades, your marriage will turn out very unhappy and your children will be unfaithful and subject to many hardships. If you are in expectation of a place, you will get it, and if you are in business you will be successful. Cats.—To dream of these domestic animals is indicative of much trouble and vexation; it denotes to the lover that your sweetheart is treacherous. If you keep servants, they are unfaithful, and will rob you. To dream you kill a cat, denotes that you discover a thief and prosecute him to conviction; expect also to lose your own liberty through some pretended friend. Cattle.—To dream you see cattle feeding, denotes great prosperity and unexpected success; to a lover it foretells a happy marriage, with many children, and to a man it shows that his wife will receive some unexpected legacy. To dream you are driving cattle denotes that you will become rich by industry. If you are in love it shows that you have many rivals, but that you will distance them all. To dream you see fat cattle also denotes a plentiful year. To dream you see lean and hungry cattle, denotes scarcity and famine. Clock.—To dream you hear the clock strike, denotes that you will be speedily married, and that you will be moderately successful in life. To dream you are counting the hours, if in the forenoon, shows much happiness, and that your sweetheart is true to you, but if in the afternoon, that misfortune and danger will attend you, and that your sweetheart is false and loves another. Coach.—To dream you are riding in a coach is a very unlucky omen. It foretells poverty and disgrace. If you are in love, your sweetheart will be idle and bad-tempered. If you are in trade, you will become bankrupt, and if you are a farmer, your goods will be seized for rent. It also denotes that the dreamer will shortly be in prison. Coals.—To dream of coals is a very unlucky omen. It denotes much affliction and trouble. To dream you see coals burning, if they are very clear and bright, is a good sign. To dream you see the coals extinguished and reduced to cinders, denotes death, either to yourself or some near relation or friend; it also indicates great losses, and forewarns you of beggary and prison. Comets.—To dream you see one of these extraordinary ethereal substances, is ominous of war, plague, famine, and death; to the lover it forebodes an entire frustration of his hopes; to the farmer, failure of crops; and to the seaman, storms and shipwrecks. After such a dream change, if possible, your present place of residence. Cook.

Dream you’re busy with a cook,
And for a wedding shortly look.


Corn.—To dream you see fields of corn, or that you are among unthrashed corn, is a very favorable omen; it denotes success in business; to the lover it announces that you will marry, have many children, and become rich and happy. If you are a sailor, it denotes a lucrative voyage and fine weather, and that you will be near marrying in the next port you touch at. If you dream you are gathering ripe corn, it is the most fortunate dream you can have. Crowns.—To dream you see these emblems of royalty, portends success and elevation to dignities, either in the church or state. For a maid to dream of a crown, shows she will marry a very industrious man, or one who is rich. Crutches.—To dream you are walking on crutches, is a very unfavorable omen. To dream you see another walking on crutches, denotes that these things will happen to some friend. If you are a married man, then that your wife is inconstant; if a married woman, then that the husband is ruining himself with some harlot. Currants.—To dream of currants prefigures happiness in life, success in undertakings, constancy in your sweetheart, handsome children to the married, riches to the farmer and tradesman. Church.—To dream of church is portentous of evil. If you are in a church during divine service, you will be engaged in a lawsuit, or some other quarrel that will very near ruin you. If you are in love, your sweetheart is unfaithful, and prefers another. If you expect a place, it forebodes disappointment. If you are in trade, you will never thrive in your present situation. Cage.—To dream of letting birds out of a cage denotes a speedy marriage. To a person in business it denotes success, and to a farmer it denotes good crops. Cain.—To dream of the firstborn son of man, who was Adam’s eldest son, is a very unfavorable omen; after such a dream let the dreamer travel into another part of the country and form new connections. Cakes.—To dream you are eating cakes, denotes happiness and prosperity.

Dream that cakes you knead and make,
You thrive and many profits take.

Candles.—To dream you see candles burning, if they burn clear and bright, that you will be speedily married. To dream that new candles are brought in, denotes that by the interference of friends, all your disputes will be amicably adjusted and that your sweetheart will recover from a fit of sickness.

A light that burns both bright and clear,
Denotes some pleasant letter near;
But if dull the candle grows,
It certain disappointment shows.


To dream of cheese is not in vain.
In trade you will profit gain.

Chickens.—To dream of a hen and chickens is the forerunner of ill luck; your sweetheart will betray you and marry another. If you are a farmer, you will have a bad crop and lose many of your poultry. If you are in trade some sharper will defraud you. If you go to sea, you will lose your goods and narrowly escape shipwreck.[16] Chess.—If any one dreams that he plays at chess with an acquaintance, it is a sign that he will fall out with somebody he knows, and if he imagines in his dream he wins, he shall overcome his enemies. And on the contrary, if he dream that he loses, he will be overcome and worsted in the combat. Clouds.—To dream of white clouds, signifies prosperity; clouds mounting high from the earth, denotes voyages, the return of the absent, and revealing of secrets; clouds red and inflamed, show an ill issue of affairs; to dream of dark and obscure clouds, shows an ill time of anger. Caterpillars.—To dream you see caterpillars, signifies ill luck and misfortune by secret enemies. Chains, pearls, precious stones, earrings, &c., and all adornings of the hands and necks of women, are good dreams to the fair sex; to widows and maids they signify marriage; and to those that have husbands and children, purchases and riches; for as women are provided with these deckings, so shall they be stored with husbands, children and goods. Chariot.—To dream of driving a chariot drawn by wolves, leopards, dogs, tigers, or such like beasts, is only good to such as have great enemies. To dream to be drawn in a chair by men is good. Cheeks.—To dream one hath cheeks plump, fat and of vermilion tincture, is good to all, especially women, but to dream that you are lean, pale, and full of wrinkles, signifies grief and heaviness. Capon.—To dream that a capon crows, signifies sadness and trouble. Carrion.—To dream of carrion, signifies sadness. Carrots.—To dream of carrots, signifies profit and strength to them which are at law for inheritance; for we pluck them out of the ground with our hands, branches, strings and veins. Cart.—To dream of being tied to a cart, to draw like an horse or an ox, denotes servitude and pain to everybody; but to dream that you are carried in a cart or coach, the contrary. Coalpit.—To dream of being in the bottom of a coalpit, signifies marrying with a widow; for he that marries her shall never sound the depth of her policies. Combing.—For any person to dream of combing him or herself, is good, both for man or woman, for it signifies to get out of evil times or affairs. Comfort.—To dream you have comforts of any one, betokens to the rich and happy, injury and mishap; but to the poor and afflicted, aid and comfort. Command.—To dream you command any one, signifies trouble; to dream you see one command, signifies anger and authority. Complexion.—To dream you see an unknown person of a brown complexion, is a sign of glory, honor, success and dispatch of business. If one dreams he sees a woman of a very brown complexion, it signifies a very dangerous disease. If you see a woman unknown in your dream, with long and comely hair, with clear complexion, it is a very good sign. Corns.—For a man to dream his flesh is full of corns, shows he will grow rich proportionately to his corns. Crocodile.—To dream of a crocodile, signifies pirates or robbers at sea, or wicked periods in any sort like the crocodile. Cross.—To dream you see a cross carried along, signifies sadness. Cross Purposes.—To dream one plays at cross purposes,[17] signifies prosperity, joy, pleasure, health and concord among friends and relations. Crow.—To dream you see a crow, signifies expedition of business. To dream you see a crow flying, is ill luck; and if you hear them croaking unpleasantly, the dream is so much the worse. If you dream the crow flies on the head of a child, it will be in great danger of some misfortune. Cypress Trees.—To dream you see a cypress tree denotes affliction in business. Crowing.—To dream you are crowing, or that you hear others crowing, denotes ill luck, especially to lovers; but to dream that you hear pigeons crowing, is good, especially to the newly-married, as it denotes happiness. Crawl.—To dream that you are crawling on the floor is bad; but to dream that you are crawling on the roof of a house is good, particularly to the lovers, as it is a sure sign they will be married. Children.—To dream you see children, denotes success in your undertakings. To dream you see a child born, denotes a speedy marriage and that you will be very happy with your family. To dream you see a child die, imports that you will experience some very heavy misfortune, and that your sweetheart will marry another. To dream you see children dirty and ragged, denotes that some friend will endeavor to prevail upon you to commit an act by which your reputation will be endangered; it also denotes that you will be in prison and experience poverty. For a maiden to dream she is with child, denotes that some man will attempt to rob her of her chastity, and that if she resists she will marry and be very happy. Climbing.—To dream that you are climbing up a tree, denotes that you will be successful in life. To dream you are climbing up a very steep hill or place, foretells many difficulties in life, and much sickness. If you reach the top, you will get over all your difficulties and recover from your illness; but if you awake before you have attained the top, you will be disappointed in love and all other projects and die in your next illness. Cherries.—To dream of cherries is a disappointment in life, vexation in the married state and slight in love. Cucumbers.—To dream of cucumbers, denotes recovery to the sick, and that you will speedily fall in love, or that if you are in love, you will marry the object of your affection. It also denotes moderate success in trade. To the sailor it foretells a pleasant voyage and a sweetheart in a distant climate. Coffin.—To dream of one denotes the death of a friend or some near relation.

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