Dreams starting with D

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Disease.—To dream you have any disease promises prompt and speedy employment. Dragon.—To dream you see a dragon signifies riches and gain of great treasure. Dancing.—To dream that you are dancing at a ball, wake, or entertainment, foretells that you will shortly receive some joyful news from a long absent friend, and that you are about to inherit some unexpected legacy; for it foretells success and happiness in love; that your sweetheart is kind. Deer.—To dream you see deer in a park, denotes war and famine; to the lover it foretells some unpleasant dispute with his sweetheart. Dice.—To dream you are playing at dice or back-gammon,[18] denotes much good to the dreamer, in either love, marriage or trade. Dirt.—To dream of dirt signifies sickness and dishonor. To dream you fall in the dirt, signifies that you shall be treacherously dealt with. Ditches.—To dream of deep ditches, steep mountains, rocks, and other eminences, surely foretells danger and misfortune. Expect thieves to rob your dwelling; that your children will be undutiful and bring you into trouble. If you are in love, it foretells unhappiness if you marry your present sweetheart. If you are in trade, it denotes loss of goods, if not of liberty. Dogs.—To dream of these faithful and domestic animals has very different significations, according to the manner in which you see them. If they fawn and fondle upon you, then it is a very lucky omen. If you are in love, your sweetheart will marry you and be very happy. If they are barking and snarling at you, then depend that enemies are secretly endeavoring to destroy your reputation and happiness; if you are in love, be careful of your sweetheart. Drowning.—To dream you are drowning, or that you see another drowned or drowning, portends good to the dreamer. To the lover it denotes that your sweetheart is good-tempered and inclined to marry you. Dead.—To dream of talking with dead folks is a good, auspicious dream, and signifies a boldness of courage and a very clear conscience. To dream a man is dead that is alive and in health, signifies great trouble and being overthrown at law. Darkness.—To dream you are in a very dark place, or that you are in the dark, is a very unfavorable omen. To dream you get out of darkness into light, denotes good to the dreamer. Expect also to hear some glad tidings from a far distant country. Death.—To dream of death, denotes that you will either be speedily married yourself, or else assist at a wedding. To dream that you are dead, also denotes a speedy marriage, and that you will be successful in your undertakings. To dream you see another person dead, denotes unkind usage from your friends.Drunkenness.—To dream you are drunk, is one of those dreams by which the dreamer is forewarned of that of which at present he knows nothing. It denotes that some person whom yet you do not know, will become a very good friend and promote your welfare. To a woman, it denotes that she will be beloved by an excellent man whom yet she has not seen; and to a man it denotes that he is tenderly beloved by a woman whom he does not at present think of, who will make him extremely happy, and bring him money. Dairy.—To dream you are in a dairy busy at work, is a very favorable omen; to the maid it indicates that her lover will be of an industrious turn, and that if she marries, she will have children, and her husband will become rich and rise to honor. To the farmer it denotes that his crops will be abundant, but that he will lose some of his live stock by thieves. Devil.—To dream of this enemy to the human race, denotes that many dangers will threaten you, all of which you will overcome. If you are in love, it forebodes that some one is endeavoring to alienate the affection of your sweetheart, but will be unsuccessful. Dolphin.—To[19] dream of a dolphin, shows to seafaring men a wind from the place whence you dream he cometh. But to dream you see the dolphin out of water, signifies the death of friends. Drink.—To dream you drink cold water, is good, but hot signifies sickness and hindrance of affairs. To dream you drink wine with moderation, is good; to drink oil, signifies poison. To dream you are drinking when you are dry from a stream or fountain, is a sign of sickness. If a man dreams he is drunk with sack, or some sweet, pleasant drink, it is a sign he will be beloved by some lady and grow rich thereby. Dunghill.—To dream you stand on a dunghill is a favorable omen. It is a sure forerunner of success in everything undertaken at this time. For a maiden to dream she is on a dunghill, is a sign that she will marry the choice of her affections, who will be a man of some importance. Daisy.—It is good to dream of daisies in the spring or summer, but bad in fall or winter. Dandelions.—To dream of gathering dandelions is ominous to one. To dream you see a large bed of them denotes that you have many new enemies forming, who will do you much injury in secret. If one in love dreams of dandelions, be sure their sweetheart is playing them false.

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