Dreams starting with E

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Eagles.—To dream you see an eagle soaring very high in the air, denotes prosperity, riches and honor; to the lover it foretells success in love and a happy marriage. To dream you see an eagle perched on the steeple of a church, or on any high eminence, is a very good omen; it denotes that in some arduous undertaking you will be successful and thereby arrive at riches and honor; it also denotes that the dreamer will make his fortune beyond the sea. If a woman with child dreams of an eagle, then it denotes that her offspring will marry well and be very happy. Eggs.—To dream you are buying or selling eggs, is a very favorable omen; whatever you are then about will succeed, whether it be love, trade, or getting a place. To dream that you are eating eggs, denotes that you will shortly have a child and that your affairs will go well. To dream your eggs are broken, denotes loss of goods, quarrels and poverty; if you are in love, it forebodes a separation between you and your sweetheart. Elderberries.—To dream of elderberries augurs content and riches; to a maiden they bespeak a speedy marriage; to a married woman, that she will shortly be with child; to the tradesman, success in business; to the farmer, good crops. Elephants.—To dream of an elephant is a very fortunate dream; it denotes acquirement of riches. If you are in love, it denotes a speedy marriage with your sweetheart, and many children, chiefly boys, who will distinguish themselves by their learning. Eclipse.—To dream you see an eclipse of the moon, denotes that you will lose some female friend—your mother, if she be living. You will experience a great uneasiness on account of a woman. Your sweetheart will prove unfaithful. Poverty will overtake you and misery end your days. To dream you see an eclipse of the sun, denotes that you will lose some male friend—your father, if he be alive; and that you will experience some uneasiness[20] by the means of some troublesome friends; to a woman with child it foretells a son, who will be a great man. Earthquake.—To dream of an earthquake, warns you that your affairs are about to take a great change. If you see many houses tumble into ruins, then it will be much for the better. Eyes.—To dream you lose your eyes, is a very unfortunate omen. It denotes decay of circumstances, loss of friends, death of relations and miscarriage in love. If a woman with child dreams of it, it denotes that the child will be very unhappy and lose its liberty. Execution.—To dream of the execution of offenders, shows that you will be suddenly sought after for relief by some that are in great want and extremity. Earthworms.—To dream of earthworms, signifies secret enemies that endeavor to ruin and destroy us. Ear.—If a man dreams his ears be fair and well shaped, it shows he shall come to great renown; but if he dreams his ears are ill-favored and deformed, it shows the contrary. This dream is ill to a servant, and those who have a lawsuit, if he be a plaintiff or the defendant, but it is good to an artificer or one that worketh with his hands, for he shall have many that will employ him. To dream that one picks or cleans his ears, betokens that good news shall come forth one side or other. But to dream that the ears have been beaten or chafed, signifies we shall hear ill news. If any one dreams his ear is hurt or split, he will be offended by some one that belongs to him, or by some friend. If he dream that his ear is quite off, he shall be utterly deprived of their friendship. Eve.—To dream you see the mother of all men, is a favorable omen. It denotes great happiness to the lover. Eyebrows.—To dream the eyebrows are hairy and of a good grace, is good, especially to a woman. But if either men or women dream their eyebrows are more large or comely than they used to be, it is a sign they will succeed in the matrimonial way. Evil Spirits.—To dream evil spirits obstruct your doing good under a show of devotion, denotes obstruction in your affairs by a hypocrite; and if you dream that you see hideous physiognomies, something vulgar will be revealed to you. Eating.—To dream that you are eating, is a very unfavorable omen; it portends disunion in your family, losses in trade, and disappointment in love, storms and shipwrecks by sea. Enemy.—To dream you talk to an enemy, is a caution to beware of him. To dream you fight with and are worsted by him, denotes that you will meet with some misfortune which has threatened you for some time. Eels.—To dream of eels, signifies to beware of slippery pursuits and uncertain speculations. If the eels escape you, you will be jilted in love; if you hold them, honor and happiness will be in store for you. Elf.—To dream of an elf signifies a happy return of one long absent; presents of value may be expected after this dream, which also signifies marriage, with wealth, position and happiness. Elopement.—To dream of a friend’s elopement, signifies marriage against the wishes of your friends, and unhappiness. To dream of your own elopement, betokens entering into ruinous speculations in love or business.[21] Epitaph.—To read or write an epitaph in your dream, signifies much good to come from a secret friend. To read your own epitaph, signifies marriage with one now an entire stranger, of great wealth and position. Equipage.—To dream of possessing one, signifies complete happiness, with the gratification of every wish, however extravagant.

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