Dreams starting with G

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Gloves.—To dream of receiving a gift of a pair of gloves, signifies an offer of friendship. If the gloves are light, the connection will be pleasant; if dark, it is doubtful. To receive a package of gloves, signifies much good offered to you at one time. To present gloves in a dream, signifies a gift in charity. To dream of old, ragged gloves, signifies disappointment and deceit from your dearest friends. Ghost.—To dream of seeing it, signifies a marriage in the family. If you dream it speaks, prepare to die. Gallows.—To dream of the gallows is a most fortunate omen. It shows that the dreamer will become rich and arrive at great honors. To the lover, it shows the consummation of his most sanguine wishes, and that by marriage he will become rich and happy, have many children, particularly a son, who will become a great man, and be the founder of his family’s honor. Garden.—To dream[25] you are walking in a garden, is of a very favorable nature. It portends elevation in fortune and dignity. To the lover, it denotes great success and an advantageous marriage. To the tradesman, it promises increase of business. To the farmer, plentiful crops, and to the sailor, prosperous voyages. Geese.—To dream of geese is a forerunner of good; expect to see a long-absent friend. They denote success and riches to the dreamer in the furtherance of his pursuits. In love, they augur speedy marriage and fidelity in your sweetheart. Giants.—To dream of seeing giants is ominous of good. Gifts.—To dream you have anything given you, is a sign that some good is about to happen to you. It also denotes that a speedy marriage will take place between you and your sweetheart. To dream you have given anything away, is the forerunner of adversity, and in love denotes sickness and inconstancy in your sweetheart or partner. Glass.—To dream of glass, marks inconstancy in your sweetheart, and in business of bad success in your undertakings in life. To dream you break glass, shows that your sweetheart will forsake you, and that you will unexpectedly meet with misfortunes and troubles. To dream you receive a glassful of water, is indicative of a speedy marriage and that you will have many children, who will all do well. If the glass appears broken, the death of your sweetheart, or, if married, of your spouse, is predicted. For a woman with child, or a married man whilst his wife is with child, to dream of breaking a glass of wine or water, denotes that the child in the womb will be preserved after much danger, and perhaps the death of the mother. If either of them dream that they spill wine or water, it is indicative that the mother will live but the child will die. Globe.—To dream that you are looking at a globe, foretells much good, and that you will become a great traveler. Gold.—To dream of gold, is a very good omen. It denotes success in your present undertakings, after experiencing some little difficulties. If you receive gold in bars, you will inherit an estate in a far distant country, and have some trouble in getting possession of it. If you receive eagles or any other gold coin, your affairs will prosper, your sweetheart will be true and marry you; you will have many children and be very happy. If you pay gold, it betokens an increase of friends and business. If you let gold fall, it denotes an attack from thieves. If you are in trade, some swindler will attempt to defraud you. If you pick up gold, it denotes that some quarrel will be settled to your advantage. If you are in prison, it shows you will speedily be released. It also denotes the death of a husband or wife, if you are married. If single, of your sweetheart. Good.—To dream that we do good to one, signifies jollity and pleasure, and to dream that others do us good, is profit and gain. Gooseberries.—To dream of gooseberries, indicates many children, chiefly sons, and an accomplishment of your present pursuits. To the sailor, they declare dangers in his next voyage. To the maiden, a proving husband, and to the man, a rakish wife. Grapes.—To dream of grapes, foretells to the maiden that her husband will be a cheerful[26] companion and a great songster. They denote much happiness in marriage and success in trade. If you are in love, they augur a speedy union between you and your sweetheart. Grave.—To dream you see a grave, foretells sickness and disappointment. If you are in love, you will surely never marry your present sweetheart. If you go into the grave, it shows you will experience a loss of property and that false friends will defame you. If you come out of the grave, it denotes success in your undertakings, that you will rise in the world, become rich, and if you are in love, that you will speedily marry your sweetheart. If you take another out of the grave, you will be the means of saving the life of a person who will be a very great friend to you, and receive some unexpected legacy. Grain.—To dream you see any kind of grain and that one gathers it, signifies profit and gain. Games.—To dream one plays at ball or top, signifies travail and pains, and to gain wealth by contention and injury. To leap, run, or dance, signifies prosperity in affairs; but to dance without music, foretells want of money. Garlic.—For a man to dream he eats garlic, signifies he shall discover hidden secrets and meet with some domestic jars. Yet to dream he has it in the house, is good. Gibbet.—To dream you see a person hanging on a gibbet, is a sign of damage and great affliction. Girdle.—To dream that you are girt with an old girdle, signifies labor and pains. A new girdle signifies honor. Gin.—To dream of drinking gin, forebodes short life and many changes will happen very suddenly, which will be chiefly very pleasant, but that they will end with dissatisfaction. Gondola.—If a female dreams she is sailing in a gondola, she will speedily marry a person who will make her happy. If a man dream he is in a gondola, in smooth water, it is an excellent dream; but if the water be muddy or troubled, it denotes much strife. Guns.—To dream you see people firing off guns or cannon, augurs that the dreamer will experience much adversity. To dream that they are firing at you, shows that you will be exposed to many perilous dangers, such as shipwreck, assassination, or loss of liberty. If you are firing at them yourself, it foretells that you will be involved in a lawsuit that will prove prejudicial to you.

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