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Face.—To dream your face is swelled shows that you will accumulate wealth. If you are in love, it denotes that your sweetheart will receive an unexpected legacy and marry you. Fall.—To dream you fall from any high place, or from a tree, denotes loss of place and goods. If you are in love, it surely indicates that you will never marry the present object of your affections. Feet.—To dream you are near a river or fountain and that you wash your feet, signifies molestation and trouble. To dream of one scratching the soles of your feet, signifies loss by flattery. Fan.—If a maiden dreams she has been fanned by a man, she will soon make a new conquest, or marry the present object of her affections. For a man to dream he is fanning a person, signifies that he will soon meet with many changes in his affairs. Furniture.—To dream of getting new furniture that pleases you, is good. If it seems not to please, the dream is a bad one. To be pleased with furniture, denotes health, happiness and prosperity. To display furniture, denotes trouble, perhaps a death or a funeral. Faction.—To dream of being engaged in faction or sedition, denotes wealth by indirect ways. Father-in-law.—To dream one sees his father-in-law, either dead or alive, is ill, especially if he dreams that he uses violence or threatening. Fish-ponds.—To dream of fishponds, denotes thriving. Flageolet.—To dream that you play or hear playing on a flageolet, denotes trouble and contention, and being overthrown at law. Flesh.—If anyone dreams he is increased in flesh, he will gain wealth. On the contrary, if he dreams he is grown lean and thin, if he be rich, he will grow poor, or at least conceal his wealth, and he will be in a mean condition. To dream of eating all sorts of meat, whether flesh or fish, signifies either neglect of business, or anger and sickness. Flies.—To dream of a swarm of flies, denotes that you have many enemies; it also denotes that your sweetheart is not sincere, and cares but little about you. To dream you kill them is a very good omen. Flute.—To dream you play or hear playing on a flute, signifies trouble and contention. Fool.—For a man to dream he is a fool, is good for those who would govern and teach children.Folly.—For a woman to dream she is become foolish, and is publicly guilty of folly, is a sign she will have a boy, who in time will grow great. If a maid, she will be speedily married, and that to an honest man. Forest.—To dream that you are walking in a forest, signifies trouble. Fields.—To dream you are in green fields, is a very favorable omen. To dream you are in ploughed fields, forebodes some severe disputes that will be brought upon you by some person who has no children. To the lover, it denotes disappointment; to the married, unhappiness and undutiful children;[22] to the tradesman, loss of business and a prison. To dream you are in a meadow covered with flowers, is a very favorable omen. If you are soliciting a place or favor, it portends you will surely obtain it. Figs.—To dream of figs, is the forerunner of prosperity and happiness. To the lover, they denote the accomplishment of your wishes. To the tradesman, increase of trade. They are also indicative of legacy. Fighting.—To dream you are fighting, denotes to the lover that you will lose the object of your affections through a foolish quarrel. It also forebodes much opposition to your wishes, with loss of character and property. After such a dream, you are urgently recommended to quit your present situation, because such a dream indicates that you will not prosper in it. To the sailor it denotes storm and shipwreck, with disappointment in love. Fire.—To dream of this subtle element, denotes health and happiness to the lover, marriage to the object of his affections and many children. It also denotes that you will be very angry with some one on a trifling occasion. To dream you see burning lights descending as it were from heaven, is a very bad sign indeed. It portends some dreadful accident to the dreamer, such as being hanged, losing your head, having your brains dashed out, breaking your legs, getting into prison, or other strange accidents. To the lover, it also denotes the loss of the affections of your sweetheart. To the tradesman, bad success in business. To dream that you are burnt by fire, denotes great danger, and that enemies will injure you. To the sailor, storms and shipwreck. Fishing.—To dream you are fishing, is a sure sign of sorrow and trouble. If you catch any fish, you will be successful in love and business. If you catch none, you will never marry your present sweetheart, nor succeed in your present undertakings. If they slip out of your hands after you have caught them, the person you marry will be of a roving disposition, and some pretended friend will deceive you. Filberts.—To dream of filberts, forebodes much trouble and anger from friends. To the tradesman, they denote a prison, and decay of trade; to the lover, a complete disappointment; to the married, care and undutiful children. Fingers.—To dream you cut your fingers, if they bleed, is a very good omen. You will be successful in love, and your sweetheart will prove kind and true. You will get money from a quarter that you least expect, and be successful in your enterprises. If you dream that they do not bleed, then it denotes damage by a variety of accidents. That lawsuits will attend you, and that you will be unsuccessful in most of your pursuits. In love you will not succeed with your present sweetheart, who prefers another. To dream you lose your fingers, denotes the loss of friends, servants, goods, trade and sweethearts. Feasting.—To dream that you are at a feast, denotes that you will meet with many disappointments, particularly in the thing which you are most anxious about. In love it forebodes much uneasiness between sweethearts, and to them which are married it foretells undutiful children, with many heavy losses. Fleas.—To dream you are tormented with these little insects[23] is unfavorable. Floods.—To dream of a flood, shows that you will meet with great opposition from rich neighbors, and that a rich rival will attempt to alienate the affections of your mistress. To the tradesman it denotes lawsuits, loss of business, and a prison; to the sailor, it denotes much success by sea, but danger on shore; to the farmer, it indicates loss of cattle and a dispute with the landlord. To dream you are drowned in a flood, denotes that you will quit your native land and after many hardships and perils return to it rich and happy. That you will marry a pretty woman and have fine children. Flowers.—To dream you are gathering flowers, is a very favorable omen. Expect to thrive in everything you undertake and that you will be successful in love, marry happily and have beautiful children. Should they wilt in your hands, then expect heavy losses in trade, that your sweetheart will die; or, if you are married, that you will lose your husband or wife and also your favorite child. Flying.—To dream you are flying, is a very excellent omen. It foretells elevation of fortune. That you will arrive at dignity in the state and be happy. If you are in love, your sweetheart will be true to you, and if you marry, you will have many children, who will all do very well and be very happy. It indicates that you will take a long journey, which will turn out advantageous to you. Forge.—To dream of working a smith’s forge, denotes a brain full of projects. The blowing with the bellows signifies the getting of a wife and the hammering on the anvil her scolding tongue. Fortune.—If any man become poor after he hath been rich, dreams he has the same land and possessions he had before, it signifies that his good fortune will return. Fountain.—To dream that you are at a fountain, is a very favorable omen. If the waters are clear, it denotes riches and honors; and in love, it foretells great happiness in the marriage state, and that your sweetheart is of an amiable disposition and true to you; but if the waters appear muddy, then it denotes vexation and trouble, disappointment in business, inconstancy in your sweetheart and misery in the marriage state. Fox.—To dream of this crafty animal is the forerunner of much difficulty. If you are in love, your sweetheart will turn out of a sour, disagreeable, ill-natured disposition. If you are in trade, sharpers will endeavor to defraud you and overreach you in bargains. Friend.—To dream you see a friend dead, betokens hasty news of a joyful nature. If you are in love, it foretells a speedy marriage with the object of your affections. Frogs.—To dream of frogs, is a very favorable omen. To the farmer, it foretells good crops and an increase of his live stock; to the tradesman, it denotes success in business; to the lover, a faithful sweetheart; to the married, an increase of children, who will be very happy; to the sailor, pleasant and prosperous voyages, with a wife in a distant country. Fruits.—If you dream of fruits when out of season, or that you are gathering them when green, denotes sickness. If you dream they are rotten, it foretells poverty. To dream of gathering ripe fruit, when there is plenty, betokens happiness and riches, and[24] the speedy receipt of money. If you gather fruit from an old withered tree, it is a sign that you will unexpectedly inherit the effects of some aged person. To dream you have made yourself sick by eating fruit, is a sorrowful omen. Funeral.—To dream of a burial, denotes speedy marriage, and that you will hear of the death or imprisonment of some near relation or esteemed friend. It also foretells the acquisition of wealth, and that an estate will fall to you from a distant relation by your mothers side. If you see any particular person attending a funeral, either that person, or some friend of his, will die and leave you something. If there is a hearse with feathers on it, you will many some rich person yourself, or assist at some relation’s wedding, who will marry well and be a friend to you. Fairy.—For a maiden to dream she sees a fairy, shows she will soon change her present state by becoming the wife of a good husband. It is good for women under any circumstances to dream of fairies, but it denotes evil to men, and no man should undertake any important matter for several days after, or it will surely end in his being disappointed. Files.—To dream of dealing in files, prognosticates activity. To purchase files, shows you will have many applications to attend to business. To sell files, shows you will have others to work for you, yielding profitably. Flambeau.—To dream of flambeaux, is a sign of trouble, excitement and distress. To the merchant, losses at sea; to the mechanic, want of employment; to lovers, deceit and treachery. Flag.—To dream of raising a flag signifies that your name will be widely known; to dream of seeing a flag floating, signifies good news. Furnace.—To dream of seeing a furnace, indicates a quarrel which will cost you dear friends. If you heat the furnace, you will be the only sufferer. Ferry.—To dream of crossing a ferry, signifies that indecision in an important matter will make you the laughing-stock of your friends. Fortress.—If you are confined in a fortress in your dream, your plans in life will suffer from undue influence of others. If you dream of placing others in confinement, look for valuable goods, which will enrich you. Fairs.—To dream of going to fairs threatens the person so dreaming with having his pockets picked, or robbed in some other way.

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