Dreams starting with H

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Hay.—To dream you cut it, signifies that you will have great influence in society. To dream of raking it together, denotes that you will stand at the head of assemblies. Hills.—To dream you are traveling over high hills and wading through great difficulties, having lost your way, shows you shall meet with assistance and have good counsel in your difficulties. Hail.—To dream you are in a hailstorm, presages great sorrow in life. If you are in love, it forewarns you against marrying your present sweetheart, who will prove of very bad temper and make you miserable. Hair.—For a man to dream his hair is long, like a woman’s, signifies cowardice and effeminacy, and that the person dreaming will be deceived by a woman. To dream one sees a woman without hair, signifies famine, poverty and sickness. To see a man bald and without hair, signifies the contrary. Hands.—If any one dreams that his hands[27] are comelier and stronger than ordinary, he will be employed in some important affairs, which he will bring to a happy issue. If one dreams that his hand is cut off, or that it has grown lean and dry, or hath been burnt, he will grow poor. If a woman dreams thus, she will lose her husband, or her eldest son, or fall into a decay. If any one dreams that he works with his right hand, it is a sign of good fortune to him and his family. If with the left hand, that denotes bad luck. To dream the hand is hairy, signifies trouble and imprisonment. Hanged.—To dream of seeing people hanged, or that you are going to be hanged yourself, denotes that you will rise above your present condition by marriage. Hat.—To dream your hat is torn or dirty, signifies damage and dishonor. But to dream you have a hat on that pleases you, signifies joy, profit, and good success in business. Hogs’ Bristles.—To dream that you have hogs’ bristles, signifies great and violent dangers. Horns.—To dream one hath horns on his head, signifies dominion, grandeur and royalty. To dream you see a man with horns on his head, signifies he is in danger both of the loss of his person and estate. Horses.—To dream of horses is a particularly good sign; inasmuch that if any one dreams that he is mounted on a stately horse, full of mettle, nimble and well-harnessed, he will have a handsome, noble and rich wife, provided the horse be his own. To dream one sees a horse running, signifies prosperity and the accomplishment of one’s desires. To dream of riding on a tired horse, shows one shall fall desperately in love. To dream you see a horse dead, is a sign that stagnation will take place in your business, with some losses; but these may be overcome if the horse be well in flesh and has not died a natural death. Hunger.—To dream one is unusually hungry, and that his appetite craves sustenance, shows he will be ingenious, laborious and eager in getting an estate, and will grow rich. Husbandmen.—To see yourself become a husbandman in your dream, shows you shall meet with great toil, yet after awhile become rich. If you dream you are ploughing, it denotes success, and, to single persons, speedy marriage; and if the fields be full of flowers, it is a sign of much happiness.Hatred.—To dream of hatred or being hated, whether of friends or enemies, is ill. Heaven.—To dream of heaven, and that you are there, signifies grandeur and glory. Head.—To dream you have a great head, or a head bigger than ordinary, and very highly raised, that signifies dignity, esteem. If a sick person dream thus, it prognosticates both the headache and violent fever. If one dreams his head is cut off by robbers and murderers, that signifies loss of children, relations, estate or wife; and to the wife so dreaming, the loss of her husband. To dream that one cuts off another’s head, signifies assurance of effecting business, or revenge upon your enemies. To dream you cut off the head of a pullet, or a green goose, signifies joy and recreation. To dream one hath the head of a lion or wolf, or some other cruel beast, it is a good sign to the dreamer. To dream one hath the head of a dog, horse, or ass, or such four-footed beast, is servitude, pain and misery to[28] the dreamer. To dream one hath a bird’s head, argues one shall not stay long in his country. If one dreams that he is careful to comb and trim his hair, it is a sign he shall dispose well of his business. To dream you wash your head, signifies deliverance from danger. Hen.—To dream that you hear hens cackle, or that you catch them, signifies joy, profit and assurance of the dispatch of business. To dream that you are turned into a hen, signifies disquiet. To dream that you see a hen lay eggs, signifies gain. To see a hen with her chickens, signifies loss or damage. To dream that a hen crows, signifies sadness and trouble. Hornet.—To dream of hornets, shows you will have to do with people who will assault and discredit you. House.—To dream of building a house is a good omen; in love, that your sweetheart is good-tempered and faithful, and will make you very happy; to dream you see a house on fire, foretells hasty news. If it be your own house that is destroyed, the news will be bad. If your enemy’s house, it will be good. Hunting.—To dream you are hunting and that the game is killed, shows much trouble through the pretensions of false friends, but that you will discover them and overcome all their machinations.

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