Dreams starting with I

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Ice.—To dream of ice is a favorable omen. To the lover it shows your sweetheart is of an amiable temper and faithful. To dream you are sliding or skating on the ice, denotes that you will pursue some unprofitable concern and be much worried by your engagements. Invasion.—For a maiden to dream of invasion, is a sign that some evil-disposed person will endeavor to lead her astray; to a man in business, it denotes much competition; to a mechanic, loss of his situation. Intrigue.—To dream you are connected in an intrigue, is ominous of evil. Infant.—If an unmarried woman dreams of an infant, it prognosticates that she will go through some trouble, but for a man to dream of infants, is good. Inn.—To dream of being in an inn, is a very unfavorable dream. It denotes poverty and want of success in undertakings; expect soon to be yourself, or some of your family, committed to prison. If you are sick, it denotes you will never recover. To the tradesman it shows loss of trade and bad servants. Inquest.—To dream of being at an inquest, denotes prosperity; to dream that you are the subject on which the inquest is held, prognosticates that you will come into prosperity by the death of some rich person; to dream an inquest is held on the body of a friend is also good to the dreamer. Idiot.—If any one dreams he is turned idiot, or mad, and is guilty of public extravagancies, he shall be long-lived, a favorite, and gain pleasure and profit by the people. Image.—To dream of an image or statue, signifies children, and the will and affections of the dreamer. Infernal Things.—If any one dreams that he sees the devil, or any other infernal spirit or representation, it is a very bad dream, bringing along with it to those sick, death, and to the healthy, melancholy, anger and violent sickness. Iron.—For one to dream that he is hurt with iron, signifies that he shall receive some damage. To dream that one[29] trades with a stranger in iron, signifies losses and misfortune. Idol.—To dream you see persons worshiping at an idol, betokens a change of affairs and much for the better. To dream you worship an idol, is a sign of merriment, such as going to balls, parties or excursions, pleasant journeys and the like. If a sick person has this dream, they will have a speedy recovery. Ignominy.—For any one to dream they suffer ignominy, shows he will be unjustly accused of having done wrong, and that he will, after a little, take a sudden rise in the world. Illumination.—It is a certain sign of war when persons dream of seeing a city illuminated. To dream your own house is illuminated, betokens much quarrelling among relatives. Injury.—To dream you receive an injury, signifies that you have many friends—no enemies. If you dream of inflicting injury, you will both receive and dispense blessings. Ink.—If you dream of black ink, you will become involved in some disgraceful scheme. If you dream of red ink, good news awaits you.

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