Dreams starting with J

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Jollity.—To dream of jollity, feasts and merry-making, is a good and prosperous dream, and promiseth to the dreamer great preferment. Jessamine.—To dream of this beautiful flower, foretells good luck. To lovers, it is a sure sign they will be speedily married. Jeopardy.—If you dream that you are in jeopardy, it will be very fortunate for you. If a person so dreaming be in business, it foretells success and great profit. Jubilee.—To dream that you are at a jubilee, is a sure sign that you will have a fortune left you by some rich relations. Jockey.—If a female dreams she sees a jockey riding at full speed, she will have an offer of marriage made her very unexpectedly. For a man to dream he rides with, or sees a jockey riding at a race, denotes a sudden good turn in his affairs. Jug.—For one to dream of drinking out of a jug, is a sure sign of going on a journey. If the jug be large, the journey will be long; if small, the journey will be short; and so, if the liquid drank be pleasant, so will the journey, and if unpleasant, the journey will be full of troubles. Juniper.—It is unlucky to dream of the juniper, especially if the person who so dreams be sick. But to dream of gathering juniper berries, if it be in winter, denotes prosperity. Joy.—To dream of joy and festivity, is a token of good for such as would marry, or it betokens enjoyment for those fond of society. To the sad and fearful it announces absence of heaviness and fear. Juniper Berries.—To dream of these, signifies that the person so dreaming will shortly arrive at great honors and become a great person. To the married it foretells the birth of a male child. Jail.—If you dream of seeing others in jail, you will be deprived of your own liberty. If you dream of being imprisoned, you will be elevated to a high station in life and increase your number of friends. Jewels.—To dream of possessing jewels, signifies that you are on the road to happiness. Jury.—If you dream of being tried by a jury, you will lose your sweetheart, and gain the affections of another on a voyage. If you dream of being acquitted by a jury, you will shortly meet with interesting and romantic adventures.

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