Dreams starting with K

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Kill.—To dream you kill a man, signifies assuredness of business. To dream you kill your father, is a bad sign. To dream you are killed, denotes loss to him whom you dreamed has killed you. Keys.—To dream of keys is favorable to a person in trade, and to a sailor, they denote some gift, and that the dreamer will become rich. To dream of finding a key, denotes an addition to your estate. If you are married, it foretells the birth of a child. If you give another a key, you will be speedily married. In love, keys betoken faithfulness and a good tempered sweetheart.

To dream your keys are gone or lost
Denotes that you’ll be vexed or crossed.

Knives.—To dream of knives is a very unpropitious omen. It betokens lawsuits, poverty, disgrace, strife and a general failure in your projects. In love, it shows that your sweetheart is of a bad temper, and unfaithful, and that if you marry you will live in enmity and misery. Kissing.—For a man to dream of kissing a young maid, and that she vanishes away before he can accomplish his desire, denotes that the next day he shall see great store of good cheer. To dream you kiss a person deceased, signifies long life. Kite.—To dream of your seeing a kite, showeth you shall be in danger of thieves and robbers.

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