Dreams starting with L

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Ladder.—To dream you ascend a ladder, signifies honor. But to dream you descend a ladder, betokens damage. Lamb.—To dream that you feed or bring a lamb to the slaughter signifies torment. To dream that you see a lamb, or young kids, signifies extraordinary comfort. Leaping.—To dream you are leaping over walls, doors or gates, is a sign that you will encounter many difficulties in your present pursuits, and that your sweetheart will not marry you. Legs.—To dream that your legs are scabby or itchy, signifies fruitless perplexity and care. To dream one hath a wooden leg, signifies the alteration of condition, from good to bad, and from bad to worse. Letters.—To dream you receive letters, is demonstrative of your being beloved by a person of the opposite sex, who is very much your friend. To dream of writing letters, shows success in enterprises. Leopards.—Dreaming of leopards, foretells honor. Lettuce.—To dream that one eats salads made of lettuce, and other herbs that may be eaten raw, signifies trouble and difficulty in the management of affairs. Lemons.—To dream of lemons denotes contentions in your family and uneasiness on account of children. They announce the death of some relation and disappointment in love. Lion.—To dream of seeing this king of beasts, denotes that you will appear before your betters, and that you will be promoted to some lucrative office, accumulate riches, and marry a woman of great spirit. It argues success in trade and prosperity from a voyage by sea. Lookingglass.—To dream of looking in a glass, denotes children to the married and to the unmarried it promises a lover speedily. Lechery.—To dream of lechery, denotes to the dreamer a spell of sickness. Leapfrog.—For a man to dream he plays at leapfrog is bad. For many causes, troubles and vexations will soon overtake[31] him. If a maiden has this dream, it signifies that her lover is inconstant. Leap Year.—To dream of a leap year is one of the best and most lucky dreams. Everything you undertake about this time will prosper and your efforts will be fourfold successful. It is like good to male and female. Leeward.—For a captain or seafaring man to dream his vessel drifts leeward, is ominous of a storm. Land.—If a man dreams he hath good lands well enclosed with pleasant pastures, bestowed upon him, he will have a handsome wife. But if the land seems spacious and not enclosed, that denotes pleasure, joy and riches. If he dreams that the said unenclosed lands have fair gardens and fountains, fields, pleasant groves and orchards adjoining thereto, that signifies that he will marry a discreet, chaste and beautiful wife, and that she will bear him handsome children. If he dreams the land is sown with wheat, that signifies money and profit, with care and industry. But if he dreams it is sown with any kind of pulse, that denotes affliction and trouble. Lantern.—He that dreams he sees a lantern with a light in it, extinguished, that signifies unto him sadness, sickness and poverty. Laurel.—To dream you see a laurel tree is a token of victory and pleasure, and if you be married, it denotes the inheritance of possession by your wife. To dream one sees or smells laurel, if it be a woman, she shall bear children. If a maid, she will be suddenly married. Law.—As to matters of law, to dream of places, of pleading, judges, attorneys, &c., signifies trouble, expense and revealing of secrets. If a sick man dreameth he obtains a suit, he shall come to a better estate. Lizard.—To dream that one sees a lizard, signifies ill-luck and misfortune by secret enemies. Logs.—To dream that one is cleaving a log is a sign that strangers shall come to the party dreaming. Light.—To dream you see a great light is a happy presage. It denotes that you will attain great honors and become very rich. In love, it shows a sweetheart of an amiable disposition, that you will marry well, have children and be very happy. Lightning.—To dream of lightning without tempest, and falling near, without touching the body, signifies change of place. If a man dreams he saw lightning fall below him, it will hinder his traveling. But if you dream that you are all burned and consumed with lightning, it is death to the dreamer. Lilies.—To dream that one sees, holds, smells lilies out of their season, it signifies that the hope of the thing desired will be frustrated. But the same dream of lilies in their season is good. Linen.—To dream you are dressed in clean linen, denotes that you will shortly receive some glad tidings. That your sweetheart is faithful, and will marry. If it is dirty, then it denotes poverty, and disappointment in love. Lioness.—Dreaming of seeing a lioness is good to the rich or poor. Marriage is also hereby signified. Those that have children upon this dream shall lose them. But if you dream that she destroys you it is death to the dreamer. For persons at sea to dream of this animal is a sign of storm. Lean.—If one dreams he is grown lean and wasted, he will be disturbed and have suits at law, or some other ill business[32] that will occasion the loss of his estate, or else he is in danger of falling sick. Nevertheless, if a woman dreams the tongue grows less, it signifies unto her honors, wisdom, prudence and discretion. Lice.—To dream that you are lousy and that you are killing a great number of them, is a very good omen. It denotes great riches to the dreamer. They also portend deliverance from enemies, and that you will overcome much slander and malice. Lips.—To dream that one hath red, handsome lips, is a sign that your friends enjoy their health. And to have them dry and chapped, the contrary. Lying.—To tell a lie in a dream is not good, except by players and jesters, who practise it, and deceive people. Lake.—To dream of a peaceful lake, denotes content. To dream of gazing into a lake, denotes an access of fortune from an unexpected source. To dream of floating on a lake, signifies to glide through life without trouble and with many friends. Legacy.—To dream of receiving one, denotes losing whatever you own that is in the hands of another, involving you in litigation, debt, unhappiness and trouble. Laughing.—To dream of laughing violently, betokens sorrow and weeping. It also denotes change of circumstances and friends. Love.—To dream of being in love, denotes that you are not susceptible. If you dream of another loving you, you will pass through life alone and unsought. Lamp.—To dream of a burning lamp, signifies prosperity. To dream of a lamp suddenly extinguished, signifies the death of a near friend. Losses.—To dream you lose something on which you set great value, denotes that you will hear of something which will give you great pleasure. If you dream of losing money, you will receive a gift from some one which will astonish and please you. To dream that you have lost some part of your dress, foretells you that there is some one intending to confer some favor on you.

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