Dreams starting with M

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Malice.—To dream that some one bears you malice, foretells a pleasant prospect in your worldly affairs; and that you will be advanced to some important station either by marriage, if you are not married, or if so, through the influence of friends. Mansion.—To dream that you inhabit a mansion, is not good; expect some calamity happening either to yourself, or some relative, or lover. Maid.—To dream you obtain a young maid, signifies joy. To dream you take away a maid by force, signifies sorrow. Markets.—To dream of markets filled with goods and folks, is a good dream to those that traffic. But riding to market signifies a short voyage. If in a storm, the voyage will be difficult and the success of your voyage doubtful. If in fair weather, the result will be the contrary. Marriage.—To dream you are married, is ominous of death, and very unfavorable to the dreamer. It denotes poverty, a prison, and misfortune. To dream you assist at a wedding, is the forerunner of some pleasing news and great success. To dream of lying with your newly married husband or wife, threatens danger and sudden misfortunes and also that you will lose part of your property. To the sailor, it argues storm and shipwrecks with a narrow escape from death. Milk.—To dream you drink[33]milk, is an extraordinary good sign. And to dream you see breasts of milk, signifies profit. To dream you are carrying milk is a good sign, but if you fall and spill it, misfortune will befall you, from which it would be difficult to extricate yourself. Mad.—To dream you are mad, and that you are in company with mad people, is very good to the dreamer. It promises long life, riches, happy marriage, success in trade and good children. If you are a farmer, some accident will happen to a part of your live stock, but you will have plentiful crops. If you are in lawsuit, it will determine greatly in your favor. Mice.—To dream of mice, denotes prosperity, success in love, and a happy marriage. For a married woman to dream of mice, it is a token that she will be with child shortly and that the fruit of her womb will become very rich and powerful. Midwife.—To dream you see a midwife, is a revealing of secrets, and signifies hurt. To those who are kept by force, to dream of a midwife, signifies liberty. If a woman that is not with child dreameth often of seeing her, it forebodeth she shall have a fit of sickness, which shall be long and continuous. Martyr.—If one dreams he dies for religion, that man will arrive at great honor. It signifies also that his soul will be happy hereafter. Meat.—To dream that you see the meat you have eaten, signifies loss and damage. Measles.—If any one dreams he hath the measles, it denotes he shall gain profit and wealth, but it shall be with infamy. Mire.

To dream you wade in mire and stubble,
Foretelleth surely toil and trouble,
Yet perseverance will not fail
O’er toil and trouble to prevail.

Monkeys.—To dream of these mischievous creatures, is ominous of evil. They announce deceit in love, unfaithfulness in the married state, undutiful children, malicious enemies, and an attack by thieves. Mountains.—To dream you see steep and craggy mountains, presages difficulties in accomplishing your designs. If you ascend them and gain the top, you will be successful in whatever you undertake, become very rich, and arrive at great honors in the state. To a maid, they denote that she will marry a man who will become rich and powerful, and that her children will be people of consequence. Mulberries.—To dream of mulberries is of good import. To the maiden, they foretell a speedy and happy marriage. To the lover, constancy and affection in his mistress. They also denote wealth, honors and many children. They are particularly favoring to sailors and farmers. Music.—To dream you hear delicious music is a very favorable omen, promising joyful news from a long absent friend. To married people it denotes sweet tempered children. In love it shows that your sweetheart is very fond of you, is good tempered, sincere and constant. Rough and discordant music foretells trouble, vexation and disappointment. Monster.—To see a monster in the sea is not good; but out of the sea every fish and great monster is good. Money.—To dream of receiving money, is a good omen. In love, it foretells[34] a speedy marriage and many children. If you dream you lose money, it is a proof you will be deceived in love, and be unsuccessful in some favorite pursuit. To dream you are paying money, foretells the birth of a son destined to cut a great figure in life. Moon.—To dream of the moon is a very favorable omen; it denotes sudden joy, great success in love; but unfaithfulness in the married state, undutiful children, and malicious enemies. Mother.—To dream you see your own mother living, signifies joy. To see your mother dead, signifies misfortune. Melons.—To dream of melons, to sick persons is a prognostic of recovery, by reason of their humidity or juicy substance. Monuments.—If a sick person dreams of seeing monuments, he or she is dreaming will quickly recover. For the healthy to dream of monuments is a sign of good luck. Misery.—Dreaming that you are in great misery on account of some calamity that has befallen either your sweetheart, partner in life, or a relation, denotes that you may expect some important event occurring, which will be deeply interesting to you. Mad Dog.—To dream that you meet a mad dog denotes that you will be fortunate in any undertaking in which you are engaged, and that success will crown your efforts. Murder.—To dream that you see a murder committed, indicates that you will shortly have the pleasure of welcoming one whom you had not expected to see again in this world. Murderer.—If any one dreams of being a murderer be sure you will be slandered and calumniated by one who has been a professed friend and admirer previously. Musician.—For one to dream of being a musician, who understands nothing of the art of music, is an indication that the dreamer will have peace and comfort in the domestic state.

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