Dreams starting with N

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Nakedness.—To dream you see a man naked, signifies fear and terror. To dream you see a woman naked, signifies honor and joy, provided she be fair skinned and handsome. But if she is crooked, old, wrinkled or otherwise ill made, and black withal, it signifies shame, repentance and ill luck. Nightmare.—To dream of being ridden by the nightmare is a sign that a woman so dreaming, shall be domineered over by a fool. Night-walks.—To dream of walking in the night, signifies trouble and melancholy. Nutmegs.—To dream of nutmegs is a sign that many changes will overtake you. Navigation.—If one dreams that he is sailing in a boat and recreating himself without fear, he will have comfort and success in his affairs, but if the water be tempestuous, it falleth out contrarily. To dream of being in a ship or boat, and in danger of oversetting or shipwreck, it is a sign of danger unless the party be a prisoner or captive, and in that case it denotes liberty and freedom. Night-birds.—To dream of any kind of night-birds, as the owl, bittern and bat, is ominous, and those who have such dreams should undertake no business on the day following. He that travels by sea or land, and sees in his dream any of these birds, will fall into a great tempest or into the hands of thieves.Nightingale.—To dream of the nightingale signifieth good work, and principally wedding. Nine-pins.—To dream of playing at[35] nine-pins is a sign of quarreling; if successful, you will get the better of your adversary; if the reverse, you will be worsted. Night-hag.—For a woman to dream of a night-hag, denotes that she will be much slandered by some one whom she deems her friend. For a man to dream of this nonentity, is a sign that some woman is endeavoring to do him an injury. Neigh.—To dream you hear horses neigh, augurs that you will have new and powerful friends, who will do you much service. Negroes.—It is not good to dream of negroes, unless they be singing or dancing, or otherwise making merry. To dream of seeing negroes in a church is ominous of evil. Nose.—To dream one has a fair and great nose is a good to all, for it denotes prosperity in affairs, and acquaintance with rich persons. Nosegays.—To dream of gathering and making nosegays is unlucky, showing that our hope shall wither as flowers do in a nosegay. Nut Tree.—Dreaming that you see nut trees, signifies riches and content gained with labor and pain. Dreaming that you find nuts that have been hid, signifies that you will find treasure. Nails.—To dream your nails are growing long is very good, and denotes riches, prosperity and happiness; great success in love, a good, industrious husband or wife, with dutiful children; it also foretells that you will suddenly receive a sum of money that will be of great use to you. Nectarines.—To dream of nectarines is ominous of strife between friends, of riches to the farmer and tradesman, of infidelity to lovers, of children to the married, of bad weather to the sailor, and to the poor they announce plenty and increase of wages. Nuts.—To dream you see clusters of them denotes riches and happiness. To the lover, success and a good-tempered sweetheart. If you are gathering them, it is not a good omen, for you will pursue some matter that will not turn out to your advantage. If you crack them, the person who courts you, or to whom you pay your addresses, will treat you with indifference, or be very unfaithful. Needle.—For a female to dream she is busy with the needle, indicates that she is about to take a journey either of pleasure or necessity. For one of the male sex to dream he is using the needle (except he is a tailor), forebodes a series of distressing and unpleasant matters are about to harass and perplex him.

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