Dreams starting with O

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Olives.—To dream you see olives, denotes happiness, and that you will be successful in all your present undertakings. To the lover, they foretell a speedy marriage with the object of your affections. If you are gathering them off the trees, they announce much trouble and vexation through friends and children; to the lover, they show your sweetheart is unfaithful. Onions.

To dream of eating onions means
Much strife in thy domestic scenes;
Secrets found out or else betrayed,
And many falsehoods made and said.

Oysters.—To dream you are eating oysters, is a very favorable omen. Ocean.—To dream you are on the ocean with a woman, is a sign some female friend is deceitful, or that you are deceitful[36] in some friends. It is unlucky to dream you swim, walk on, or catch fish in the season. But it is nevertheless lucky to dream of the ocean to any person about to go on a journey, unless, indeed, it be very tempestuous. Overturned.—If a woman dreams she be overturned while riding, it is ominous that she shall be greatly distressed for a short time. For a man to have this dream, denotes that some animal to which he is attached will sicken and perhaps die. Orphans.—Whoever dreams of orphans will receive profits or riches by the hand of a stranger. For a man to dream of a female orphan, denotes that his wife will be rich. To dream about orphans in any way is an excellent dream to both sexes. Office.—To dream you are turned out of your office, foretells death and loss of property. If you are in love, it foretells want of affection in your sweetheart and misery if you marry the present object of your affection. Oil.—Dreaming that you are anointed with oil, is good for women, but for men, denotes shame. Olive Trees.—Dreaming that you see an olive tree with olives, denotes peace, delight, concord, liberty, dignity, and fruition of your desires. To dream that you beat the olives down, is good for all but servants. Oven.—If you dream that you see an oven hot, it signifies change of place. Owl.—To dream of this bird at night is a bad omen. It foretells sickness, poverty and imprisonment. It also forewarns you some male friend is perfidious. Oxen.—Dreaming of oxen denotes a year of plenty and fruitfulness. But if they appear poor and lean it threatens a year of scarcity and famine. To dream you feed oxen is a good sign, but to see oxen go to water is a bad sign. Old Man.—For a woman to dream she is courted by an old man, is a sure prognostic that she will receive a sum of money and be successful in her undertakings. For a maid to dream of it, shows that she will marry a rich young fellow, and have many children by him, who will all become rich. Old Woman.—For a man to dream he is courting an old woman, and that she returns his love, is a very fortunate omen. It prefigures success in worldly concerns, that he will many a beautiful young woman, have lovely children, and be very happy. Oranges.—Dreaming that you see and cut oranges, signifies wounds, grief and vexation, whether they be ripe or not. Organ.—Dreaming that you hear the sound of an organ, signifies joy. Orchard.—To dream that you are in an orchard, denotes that you will become rich, that you will marry much to your advantage. For a married person to dream of being in an orchard, shows an increase of children, who will become rich and live happy. In love, it denotes affection and constancy in your sweetheart. Offend.—To dream that some one has greatly offended you, is an indication that you are going a long journey to some one you greatly esteem. If you dream that you have offended some one you love, it signifies that you are about to be visited by a friend whom you have not seen for a long time. Offer.—For a female to dream that she has received an offer of love from one of the male sex, portends troubles and sorrows await her. For one to dream that she has rejected an offer of marriage, betokens[37] that she will be surprised with the news that a near relative is dead and left her a large some of money.

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