Dreams starting with P

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Pain.—To dream you are suffering great pain from toothache, headache, rheumatism, or in any part or your body, denotes that you are about to receive some glad tidings from one who has been long absent from you. Passion.—To dream that you are very passionate with some one, denotes that you are likely to be afflicted with some dangerous sickness, probably unto death. If you dream that some one is in a passion with you, it betokens some good fortune is about to attend you. Pedestrian.—To dream of making a long journey on foot, betokens great hardships, false friends, loss of money, unhappy marriage connections and final retirement from the world. Peddler.—To dream of a peddler, signifies that you have a false estimate of your friends’ value, and that time will show them to be hypocrites. Physician.—To dream of a physician, signifies good in many forms; if he is relieving you, you have made a favorable impression where you most desire it; if, as a friend, you meet him in society, look for true, happy love. Pleasure.—If you dream you are enjoying great pleasure, you may expect serious disappointment and difficulty in some project that engages your mind. Puzzle.—If you dream that you are puzzled with some intricate matter, and cannot unravel the mystery, be sure that some one is about to confer a great favor on you. Ploughing.—To dream of ploughing is good; but if the horse seems to sink into the ground, it portends loss of labor, dearth of corn, and ill harvest weather. Pail.—To dream of milking in a dirty pail, is not a good sign. Paper.—To dream of paper is a good omen, but if it appears rumpled, it will give you much pain. Peaches.—Dreaming of peaches in season, denotes content, health and pleasure. Pears.—Dreaming of pears well baked, denotes great success and expedition in business. Pies.—Dreaming of making pies is joy and profit. Pigeons.—Dreaming you see pigeons is good. Pine Trees.—Dreaming that you see a pine tree, denotes idleness and remissness. Pile.—Dreaming that you pile anything against the wall, denotes assistance in business. Poverty.—To dream of being in poverty, signifies good to some, but cross fortune to those that make commodity of their tongue and fair speech. Prayers.—To dream you offer up prayers and supplications to God, signifies happiness. Predecessors.—Dreaming of your predecessors, as grandfathers and other ancestors, signifies care. Pit.—To dream of falling into a pit, shows that in some way heavy misfortune is about to attend you; that your sweetheart is false, and prefers another. To a sailor, it forebodes some sad disaster at the next port you touch at. To dream you are in a pit, and that you climb out of it, foreshows that you will have many enemies and experience much trouble, but that you will overcome them, marry well, and become rich; to sailors, it denotes that they will experience shipwreck, and be cast on a foreign shore, where they will be hospitably received, and marry rich and handsome wives and live at ease. Plays.—To dream you[38] are at play, is the forerunner of good luck. It betokens great happiness in the marriage state, and success in business. To a maid, it shows speedy marriage with a young man, who will be very successful in life, and acquire riches and honors and make her happy. Purse.—To dream of finding a purse, is a very favorable omen. It denotes great happiness, and unlooked for prosperity. In love, it is the sure token of a speedy marriage, and of being dearly beloved by the object of your affection. To dream you lose your purse, shows the loss of a friend. In other respects, it denotes that some pleasant adventure is about to happen to you, by which you will be the gainer; to the sailor, it denotes the loss of his sweetheart whilst at sea. Plums.—To dream of plums, augurs but little good to the dreamer; they are the forerunners of ill luck, and show loss of goods and reputation. They are indicative of infidelity in lovers and much vexation in the married state. Palm.—If one dreams that he sees or smells the palm, it signifies prosperity. If it be a woman that dreams so, she shall bear children. If it be a maid, she will be suddenly married. Partridges.—Dreaming of partridges, is a sign that a man shall have to do with women that are malicious, ungrateful, and void of conscience. Plague.—If any one dreams he hath the plague, it signifies his hidden store will be discovered, and he will run the risk of losing it. Plant.—Dreaming that you see a plant come out of your body, is death. To dream of plants quick of growth, as the vine and the peach tree, denotes that the good and evil portended shall quickly happen. But trees that are slow of growing, as the oak, olive, &c., show that the good or evil that shall happen to us shall be long in coming. Polecat.—If a man dreams he has a polecat, he shall have some ill natured woman. Pond.—Dreaming that you see a little pond, signifies the love of a beautiful woman. If a woman have that dream, she shall have her design accomplished. To dream that your pond is dried up, signifies poverty or death. To dream that you are in a boat, upon a pond of clear water, is very good, and signifies joy and success in affairs. Pot Herbs.—To dream that you see pot herbs, especially such as have a strong smell, signifies a discovery of hidden secrets and domestic concerns. Precipices.—Dreaming that you see great precipices, signifies much injury to person and goods. Prisoners.—To dream of seeing prisoners executed, is a good dream, signifies a boldness of courage and a very clear conscience. 


To dream in path both straight and fair,
Your work doth happiness declare;
But crooked ways denote much ill
To those who have a headstrong will.
Peacock.—To dream of seeing this beautiful bird, is a very good omen. It denotes great success in trade. To a man, a very beautiful wife, much riches, and a good place. To a maid, a good and rich husband. To a widow, that she will be courted by one who will tell her very fine tales without being sincere. It also denotes prosperity by sea and a handsome wife in a distant port.[39] Pictures.—To dream you are looking at beautiful pictures, foreshows that you will be allured by false appearances into some unprofitable concern, that you will waste your time on some idle project, and that you will always be in pursuit of happiness without attaining it. In love, it denotes great pleasure in the enjoyment of the beloved object. It promises a handsome wife, a good husband, and beautiful children. Pomegranates.—To dream of pomegranates, foretells some very unexpected legacy, by which you will be enabled to make a fortune. They denote that your sweetheart is of good temper, sings well, and is very faithful. To the married, they show an increase of riches and children, and great success in trade.

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