Dreams starting with Q

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Quagmire.—To dream one is falling into a quagmire, shows obstructions and difficulty in business. Quails.—Dreaming of quails signifies bad news. Quicksilver.—To dream of this mineral is a sign of trouble, discontent and unhappiness in the married state. To the lover, it is a sure sign of quarrel; to the sick, a slow recovery. Quartan.—To dream of having this complaint is good, particularly to a married person. Quack.—To dream that you are under the care of quacks, is unfortunate, and foretells to the person dreaming that he beware of these nuisances in society. Quinces.—To dream of quinces, is favorable to the dreamer. If you are in prison, you will be shortly liberated; if you are in trouble, a change will take place that will relieve you from it; if you are sick, you will soon recover; if you are in love, you will marry and become rich and happy. Quilting.—To dream you are quilting, foretells to an unmarried female that she will soon be wedded. It is also a good and lucky dream to a man. To be at a quilting party is good. Quiver.—For either sex, if unmarried, to dream of a quiver, is prognostic of success in love; but to the married, it is a token of uneasiness to the dreamer. Quoits.—If woman dreams she is playing at quoits, it denotes that she will have some disagreeable and laborious undertaking to go through. To a man, it is a sign of quarreling. Quoits were always considered a harbinger of ill luck by the gipsies. Quarreling.—To dream you are quarreling, denotes that some unexpected news will reach you, and that your sweetheart is about to be married to another.

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