Dreams starting with R

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Radishes.—To dream of radishes signifies a discovery of secrets or domestic jars. To lovers they foretell misfortune. Rain.—To dream of being in a shower of rain, is particularly favorable to lovers. It denotes constancy, affection and sweet temper. If it be very heavy rain, accompanied by thunder and lightning, then expect to be assailed by thieves. Rats.—To dream of seeing rats is a sign of having many enemies. If you are attacked by rats, and get the better, it betokens you will overcome your difficulties. If they should tear you, and make you run away, then expect some heavy misfortune. Riding.—To dream you are riding, if it be with a woman, is very fortunate. If you are in trade, business will decay. Ring.—To dream of a ring is favorable, if it be on your[40] finger. If you are in love, expect to be speedily united to the person on whom you have placed your affections. To dream your ring falls off your finger, betokens evil, also the death of some near friend. To a woman with child, it shows that the child with which she is pregnant will encounter many difficulties, and be far from being happy. To a maiden, it is a warning to beware of her present lover. Roses.—To the married, foretell the loss of their children. To the lover, infidelity in the sweetheart. Reading.—To dream you are reading an agreeable book, shows you will be successful in love, and that you will become rich. In trade, it is propitious. Ribs.—If one dreams he hath his upper ribs broken or sunk, he will have some dissensions with his wife. If he dreams his lower ribs are broken, he will be afflicted by his female relations and kindred. If one dreams his limbs are grown longer and stronger than ordinary, he will take delight in his wife. Rice.—To dream of eating rice, denotes abundance of instruction. Rasp.—Dreaming that you see a rasp, is unfortunate to the married. To a virgin, it is a caution for her to beware of her lover. To the lover, it denotes that he will travel by sea. Rub.—To dream that you are rubbing anything, denotes to the lover that he will marry a very industrious girl, and be successful in business. Rusk.—To dream that you are baking them, is good; but to dream that you see others bake them, is bad. Racing.—To dream you are running a race, is a token of good; presages much success in life, and that you will speedily hear some joyful news. In love, it denotes that you will conquer all your rivals, and be happy in the union with the object of your affections. To dream you are riding a race, shows disappointment and anger, bad success in trade and in love. To a married woman, it denotes the loss of her husband’s affections, and that her children will be in trouble. Rouse.—To dream you rouse a person from sleep, is good. Rainbow.—To dream you see a rainbow, denotes great traveling and change of fortune; it also foretells sudden news of a very agreeable nature; it announces that your sweetheart is of good temper and very constant, and that you will be very happy in marriage; great success in business, through the means of trading with foreign ports. Raspberries.—To dream of raspberries, foretells you of success in marriage, fidelity in your sweetheart, and some news from beyond the sea to your advantage. Ravens.—To dream you see a raven, is a very unfavorable omen. It denotes mischief and adversity. In love, it shows falsehood; to the married, they forebode much mischief, through the adultery of your conjugal partner. To the sailor, they betoken shipwreck and much distress on a foreign shore. River.—To dream you see a flowing river, and that the waters are smooth and clear, presages happiness and success in life. If the water appears disturbed and muddy, or has a yellow tinge, then it denotes that you will acquire considerable riches. Rhinoceros.—To dream of this East India animal, denotes success to the man of business, but disappointment in love matters. But to dream they injure you, is unfavorable[41] to the dreamer. If you dream you see one dead, you will soon lose a relative. Rhubarb.—If a person dreams that he handles good rhubarb, he will be taken into favor with those he was not on good terms with before; but to dream of the dried Turkey rhubarb, denotes sickness. Rabbits.—To dream that you are among rabbits, denotes that, if you are a married person, you will have a numerous family of healthy children. For a single person to dream of being among rabbits, indicates a speedy marriage. To dream you are shooting rabbits, foretells sorrow and distress to the dreamer. Ragged.—To dream you are in a ragged dress, and that you are suffering from privations, indicates that you will shortly be raised to a higher position in society. Rowing.—To dream that you are rowing in a boat, signifies that you will be successful in love and business. Run.—For a man to dream that he would run, and yet cannot lift up his feet, shows he hath an earnest desire to accomplish somewhat, which he will find very difficult. When a sick person dreams he runs, it is a good sign.

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