Dreams starting with S

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Scorpions.—To dream you see scorpions, signifies ill luck and misfortunes. Saviour.—To dream that you behold the Saviour of mankind suffering on the cross, denotes that you will be annoyed by some vile aspersions on your character, but will eventually vindicate yourself successfully, and be honored and respected by all whose opinion you value. Scandal.—To dream that you are scandalized by one from whom you expected different treatment, is an indication that you will be the recipient of a legacy from a distant relative from whom you did not expect anything of the kind. Scared.—To dream that you are scared by some frightful spectacle, denotes that you will be shortly overjoyed by hearing some pleasing intelligence from one whom you dearly love. Separation.—To dream of being separated from one whom you highly esteem and value, betokens much enjoyment to the dreamer from an unexpected source. Sickness.—To dream one is sick, signifies idleness and want of work. To dream one comforts the sick, and prescribes them medicine, denotes profit and felicity. Sparrows.—To dream you see sparrows jumping about your door step, is a sign of good fortune attending any project you may set your mind on accomplishing. Spirit.—To dream that you see a spirit before you of a comely aspect, and attired in white, denotes joy and consolation; but if it be deformed and black, it signifies deceit and temptation to sin. Seat.—To dream that one has fallen from his seat, and would fain get into it again signifies that whatever office or employment he is in, he shall be displaced from it, and not be able to recover it again. Serpent.—To dream you see a serpent turning and winding himself, signifies danger and imprisonment. It denotes also sickness and hatred. To dream you kill a serpent, is a sign that you will overcome your enemies. To dream of beating serpents is very good, and if a serpent approaching near to do you harm, but does it not, it is a sign that some ill woman shall be disappointed in her designs. Strange Place.—To dream of being in a strange place, denotes a good legacy from[42] a relation while in prison. To the lover, they show inconstancy and want of affection in the object of your love. To the sailor, sickness on the next voyage. Starching.—To dream you are starching linen, shows you will be married to an industrious person, and you will be successful in life and save money. It also shows that you are about to receive a letter containing some pleasant news. Squirrel.—To dream of a squirrel, shows that enemies are endeavoring to slander your reputation. To the lover, it shows your sweetheart is of a bad temper, and much given to drinking. If you have a lawsuit, it will surely be decided against you. If you are in trade, sharpers will endeavor to defraud you, and you will quarrel with your principal creditor. Sleep.—To dream you sleep or slumber, is evil to all, except to those who are in doubt or expectation of some danger, for this delivers them from pain and care. To dream you sleep in a churchyard, is death to the sick and hindrance to others. Sold.—To dream of being sold, or set up for sale, is fair to those who wish to change their condition and to those who are in poverty and servitude. But to the rich, and the sick, and those who are placed in honor and authority, it is ill. Soldiers.—To see soldiers in your dream, shows troubles, persecution and lawsuits. To the lover, they denote that the object of your affections will be obliged to quit the present place of residence by command of a father, on your account. To the tradesman, they presage loss of goods and quarrels with creditors. To dream they are pursuing you, shows that you will be imprisoned and meet with heavy losses, and be much disliked by your rich neighbors; this is one of those dreams after which the dreamer is advised to change quarters. Spinning.—To dream of spinning is good, and shows a person to be diligent and industrious. Son.—To dream that a man talks with his son, signifies some damage that will suddenly accrue to him. Statues.—To dream of seeing brazen statues moving, signifies riches. But to dream you see great statues moving, like monsters, denotes terror and perils. Stings.—To dream of stings, signifies grief and care. To many, they have signified love and injuries by wicked persons. Shipwreck.—To dream you suffer shipwreck, the ship being overwhelmed, is dangerous to all, except to those detained by force. To them it signifies liberty. Single Combat.—To dream of a single combat, signifies lawsuits and marriages. Scratched.—To dream of being scratched, betokens to him that is in debt, that he shall acquit himself. To others it foretells hurt. Sisters.—To dream you see your deceased brothers and sisters, signifies long life. Shaving.—To dream you are being shaved, or that your head has been shaved, is a very unfavorable omen; in love, it denotes treachery and disappointment; and in the married state, infidelity and discord. To the tradesman, it denotes loss of goods and business; to the sailor, an unpleasant and stormy voyage; to the farmer, it prefigures bad crops and diseases amongst his live stock. Sheep.—To dream you see a flock of sheep feeding, is a very favorable omen; it denotes success. To dream you see them dispersing, and[43] running away from you, shows that pretended friends are endeavoring to do you an injury, and that your children will meet with persecution and great troubles. In love, such a dream shows your sweetheart to be fickle and little calculated to make you happy. To dream you see sheep shearing, is indicative of loss of property and the affections of the person you love; also of your liberty. To dream you are shearing them yourself, shows that you will gain an advantage over some person who meant to harm you, and that you will get the better of difficulties and marry the object of your affection. Supreme.—To dream you have supreme command over any place, is unfortunate, particularly if the person is sick and helpless. Surprise.—To dream that you surprise any one, denotes good luck to the dreamer and great success in trade. Sycamore.—To dream you see this tree, denotes jealousy to the married; and to the virgin, she shall shortly be married. Strawberries.—To dream of strawberries, denotes to a woman with child a good time and a boy. To a maiden, speedy marriage with a man who will become rich and make her happy. To a youth, they denote that his wife will be sweet tempered, and bring him many children, all boys. They foretell riches to the tradesman and to the sailor. They are a very fortunate dream to the farmer. Sun.—To dream you see the sun shine, shows acquisition of riches, and enjoyment of honorable posts in the state; also success to the lover. To dream you see the sun rise, promises fidelity in your sweetheart and good news from friends. To dream you see the sun set, shows infidelity in your sweetheart, and disgraceful news. To the tradesman, loss of business. To dream you see the sun under a cloud, foretells many hardships and troubles about to befall you, and that you will encounter some great danger. Swallows.—To dream of these harbingers of summer is a very favorable omen. They denote success in trade and riches to the dreamer. In love, they denote a speedy marriage with the object of your affections. Swimming.—To dream you are swimming, with your head above the water, denotes great success in your undertakings, whether they be in love, trade, sea or farming. To dream you are swimming with your head under water, shows that you will experience some great trouble and hear some very unpleasant news from a person you thought dead. In trade, it shows loss of business. Shooting.—To dream you are out shooting, is very favorable, if you kill much game. To the lover, it shows a mistress kind and good humored, who will make him an excellent and notable wife. To the tradesman and farmer, success and riches. To the sailor, wealth acquired in a distant country. But if you dream you kill little or no game, then it presages bad luck, and disappointment in love. To dream you are shooting with a bow and arrow, is a very favorable dream, particularly to the lover and tradesman. Silk.—To dream you see silk, either in pieces or for sewing, signifies prosperity and success in undertakings. To dream you are clothed in silk, foretells that you will do honors in the state, and become rich, but that you will quarrel[44] with a rich neighbor, who will endeavor to do you mischief. For a married woman to dream of being dressed in a silk gown, shows her husband is fond of a harlot, who will go near to ruin him. If a maiden dreams of it, she will speedily see her lover. Snakes.—To dream you see snakes and serpents, shows that you will be imprisoned, and encounter many dangers. If you are in love, your sweetheart will be false; to dream you kill a snake, shows you will overcome difficulties and enemies and be successful in love, trade or farming, but unsuccessful at sea. Swoon.—To dream you see a person swoon is unfortunate to the maid. To the married, it is a sign they will become rich and prosperous. To those who are nervous it is bad. Scabs.—To dream you are covered with scabs, is the sure forerunner of great success and riches. School.—To dream you begin again to go to school, and yet cannot say your lessons right, shows you are about to undertake something you do not understand. Sea.—To dream of walking upon the sea, is good to him that would travel; as also to a servant, and to him that would take a wife, or who hath a lawsuit. To a young man, this dream is love of a beautiful young woman. To a woman, it signifies she leads a desolate life; for the sea is like a harlot, because it hath a fair appearance and show, but in the end brings many to evil. To dream you walk in the sea, or on the shore, or catch fish, is a bad dream. Ship.—To dream of seeing ships freighted with goods, denotes prosperity. If you dream of seeing ships endangered by a tempest, it signifies fear. Shoes.—To dream of losing one’s shoes and walking barefooted, signifies pain in the feet and sickness. It also denotes loss of reproaches to those of a sanguine complexion, and more especially if this dream comes to you in the first days of the moon. Silver.—If one dreams he gathers up silver, it signifies deceit and loss; to see silver eaten, denotes great advantage; to eat silver, signifies wrath and anger. Spectre.—Few dreams are more certain of good luck to the dreamer, than to dream of spectres. It prognosticates business to the merchant, work for the artist and mechanic, and marriage to the maiden. Sepulchre.—To dream of a sepulchre is a sign of great good to the dreamer. Singing.—If any one dreams he sings, it signifies he will be affected and weep. To dream you hear singing or playing upon instruments, signifies consolation in adversity, recovery of health to those that are sick. To dream you hear birds sing, signifies love, joy and delight. Small-pox.—To dream one is full of the small-pox, denotes profit and wealth without infamy. Snow.—To dream you see the ground covered with snow is a good omen. Stars.—To dream you see stars clear and fair, is good for a traveler, for it shows prosperity and advantage to a voyage or journey, also good news; but, on the contrary, to see them dusky and pale-colored, signifies all sorts of mischief. Seeing the stars vanish and disappear, signifies poverty, vexation and disturbing cares to those that are rich, and death to those that are poor. Splendor.—To dream that you are surrounded with great splendor, and living luxuriously, is an indication that you[45] will soon be laid on a bed of affliction and perhaps death. Stealing.—To dream that you are accused of stealing something, is an indication that you will have a handsome present given you. Storm.—To dream that you are exposed to a violent storm, denotes that a reconciliation is about to take place between you and one with whom you have been at variance. Stockings.—For a female to dream that she is darning stockings, denotes that she will be gladdened by hearing of something to her advantage. For a person to dream of having lost his or her stockings, is an indication that trouble and distress will assail the dreamer. Success.—To dream that you have been successful in some enterprise in which you have been engaged, denotes that you will hear of some person’s death whom you highly esteemed. Swan.—To see a swan in your dream, signifies joy, revealing of secrets and health to the dreamer; but if it sings, it foretells death. Sweethearts.—If a man dreams of his sweetheart that is absent, and she seems to be more fair than usual, it is a sign she is chaste or constant; but if she looks black or sickly, you may be assured she hath broken her faith and has become altogether inconstant. Swine.—In dreams, swine denote lazy persons, who think of nothing but how to prey on other people’s goods; they signify also covetous persons. To dream you trade in swine, signifies sickness. To dream you see a sow with a litter of pigs, denotes distress.

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