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Talking.—To dream that you are talking loudly of some matter or person with whom you are not on the most friendly terms, signifies that troubles are about to visit you. To dream that some person is talking about you, is an indication that you will be gladdened by having a proposal made to you that will be to your interest to agree to. Tandem.—To dream that you are driving tandem, denotes that you will be prosperous in business and in the marriage state. Tears.—To dream that you are shedding tears from some heavy trouble, denotes that you will be speedily removed to a situation in which you will enjoy much happiness.Tradesmen.—To dream you see those you employ at work, signifies that they are honest in their dealings with you. To dream you work yourself, betokens a happy contented life. Thorns.—To dream you walk upon thorns, signifies destruction to your enemies. Throat.—If any one dreams his throat is cut, he will be injured by some person or other. If he dreams he cuts the throat of another, he will do himself some great injury. Torch.—To dream of holding a burning torch in the hand, is a good sign to those that are young, for it signifies they shall enjoy their loves, accomplish their designs, overcome their enemies, and gain honor and good from all persons. To dream you see a torch extinguished or darkened, signifies sadness, sickness and poverty. Torture.—To dream that you are undergoing some torture from false accusation, denotes that you will be blessed with much happiness and contentment in your future life. Telescope.—For a person to dream of looking through a telescope at some distant object, is an indication that the dreamer will shortly receive a letter from a[46] friend in a far-distant country. Thirst.—If any one dreams his thirst is quenched, and that he has drank his fill of water, if the water appeared clear and acceptable to him, he will live joyfully and become very wealthy; if the water be troubled, lukewarm, stinking or dirty, he will end his days in affliction. Tamarinds.—To dream of tamarinds denotes vexation and uneasiness through a woman, bad success in trade, a rainy season and news from beyond the sea that is disagreeable. In love, it denotes disappointment. Teeth.—To dream you lose a tooth, denotes the loss of some friend by death, and that troubles and misfortunes are about to attend you. To dream you cut new teeth, denotes the birth of a child, who will make a great figure in the world. Thunder.—To dream of thunder, signifies affliction to the rich, but to the poor repose. Traveling.—If one dreams that he is traveling through a wood and that he sticketh in the briars and bushes, it betokens many troubles and hindrances. To travel over high hills and mountains and rocky places, signifies advancement, but with much difficulty obtained. Trees.—To dream that you fell trees, signifies loss; to dream you are climbing them, signifies future honor. To see withered trees, deceit; to see trees bear fruit, gain. Tempests.—To dream you are in a storm or tempest, shows that you will after many difficulties arrive at great happiness; that you will become rich and marry well. For a lover to dream of being in a tempest, denotes that he will have rivals, over whom, after a great deal of vexation, he will triumph. It also foretells that you will receive some good news from a long absent friend, who will overcome many difficulties. Thunder and Lightning.—To dream you hear thunder and see lightning is a very good dream. It denotes success in trade, good crops to the farmer and a speedy and happy marriage to the lover. If you are soliciting a place, you will obtain it; if you have a lawsuit, you will gain it. It also indicates speedy news from a far distant country. Toads.—To dream you see these venomous reptiles, argues ill to the dreamer. It shows enemies and disappointment among friends. To the lover, it denotes infidelity in your sweetheart. In trade, loss by swindlers and spoiling of goods. To dream you kill a toad, denotes that you will overcome an enemy and discover a person who is robbing you and in whom you place great confidence. Tombs.—To dream of being amongst the tombs denotes a speedy marriage, great success in business and the gaining of a lawsuit, also the birth of children and unexpected news. Trumpet.—To dream you hear the sound of a trumpet is a bad omen, and denotes troubles and misfortunes. To the tradesman, it presages loss of business; to the farmer, bad crops; to the lover, insincerity in the object of his affections. Tarts.—To dream one makes tarts, signifies joy and delight. Treasure.—To dream you find a treasure in the earth, is very ominous. It shows that you will be betrayed by some one whom you make your bosom friend; that your sweetheart is unfaithful and grossly deceives you; and should you not be able to carry it away, then it denotes that you will have some very[47] heavy loss, and that you will be waylaid by robbers, who will ill-treat you. Turnips.—To dream of being in a turnip field, or that you see this wholesome vegetable, denotes acquisition of riches, and high employments in the state. To the lover, they augur great fidelity and an exceedingly good temper in your sweetheart, and that if you marry you will be very happy, have fine children and thrive in the world. Turkey.—To dream you see a turkey strutting about, is a sign you will overcome your enemies. To dream you see or are amongst a drove of turkeys, betokens success in your undertakings about this time. To dream of dead turkeys denotes that you will encounter trouble that you will soon surmount. Tumbler.—To dream you break a tumbler, is prognostic of secrets being discovered that have long remained a mystery. To drink from a clear tumbler, denotes health and activity; to drink from a dirty one, the reverse. Tops.—To dream you are spinning tops is ill. Teapots.—If a person dream of teapots they will soon form new friendships.

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