Dreams starting with W

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Walking.—To dream one is walking in the dirt, or among thorns, signifies sickness. To dream one is walking in the water, or some torrent, signifies adversity and grief. War.—To dream of war and affairs of war, signifies trouble and danger. Washing.—For a man to dream he washes or bathes himself in baths or hot-houses, signifies riches, prosperity and health to the sick. But to dream he washes or bathes himself contrary to the common custom, or in his clothes, is evil and betokeneth sickness and great danger. To dream that you were in fountains, ponds or current water, and in fair and clear floods, is good, but not that you swim, for that is a sign of danger and sickness. Washing is a sure sign of removal. Wedding.—For a man that is sick to dream that he is wedded to a maid, shows he shall die quickly. If any one dream he is wedded to a deformed woman, it signifies discontent. If to a handsome woman, joy. Wife.—If a man dreams he sees his wife married to another, it denotes change of affairs or condition. If a woman dreams she is married to another man, it is the same. Want.—For a person to dream that he or she comes to sudden want in temporal things, denotes that an unexpected good fortune awaits them by the death of a wealthy relative or the success of some speculation or business bargain. Water.—To dream you are drinking water, denotes great trouble and adversity. In trade loss of business and being arrested; to the lover, it shows your sweetheart is false, prefers another, and will never marry you. Watermill.—To dream of being in a water-mill is a favorable omen. To the tradesman it denotes great increase of business; to the farmer, abundant crops; in love, success, a rich sweetheart and a happy marriage. Wasps.—To dream that you are stung by wasps, signifies vexation and trouble by envious persons. Weasel.—To dream of weasels, shows a man in love with some ill-natured woman, by whom he will be ensnared, or some domestic who will cajole his master by subtlety. Whales.—If you dream you are sitting on a whale’s back, it is good. As the whale is the greatest of the water animals, so the one so dreaming will become a great person and live in peace many years. Wild Boar.—The wild boar, in dreams, signifies a furious enemy, well furnished with all things necessary. And thus, if any one dreams he has hunted or taken a wild boar, he will chase or take some enemy that hath the same qualities as[49] the wild boar. Wrist.—To dream that your wrists are broken, is very good. It foretells that you will marry your present lover and be very happy. Walls.—To dream you are walking on a crazy, old and narrow wall, denotes that you will engage in some very dangerous enterprise that will cause you much trouble and vexation. If you get down without hurting yourself, or the wall’s falling, then you will succeed. If the wall should fall whilst you are upon it, you will be disappointed. If you are walking between walls and the passage is very narrow and difficult, you will be engaged in some quarrel, or disagreeable affair, from which it will require great circumspection and caution on your part to disengage yourself. But if you get from between them safe, you will settle well in life, marry an agreeable partner, have children and become rich and happy. Weeping.—To dream one weeps or grieves, whether it be for a friend departed or any other cause, is joy and mirth. Wheat.—To dream you see or are walking in a field of wheat, is a very favorable omen, and denotes great prosperity and riches. In love, it argues a completion of your most sanguine wishes and foretells much happiness, with fine children, when you marry. If you have a lawsuit, you will gain it and you will be successful in all your undertakings. Wood.—To dream you are cutting or chopping wood, clearly shows that you will be happy in your family, and become rich and respectable in life. To dream you are carrying wood upon your back, shows that you will rise to affluence by your industry, but that your partner will be of a bad temper and your children undutiful. If you dream you are walking or sitting alone in an extensive wood by a running stream, it denotes that you will quickly fall in love, and also that you will be often married. To dream that you are walking or sitting there with a worthy object of your affections, betokens your speedy union, which will prove so felicitous that you will be called “the happy couple.” Wool.—To dream you are buying or selling wool, denotes prosperity and great affluence, by means or industry and trade. To the lover, it is a favorable omen. Your sweetheart is thereby shown to be of an amiable disposition, very constant and deeply in love with you. Will.—Dreaming of making your will signifies that you will live a long time in uninterrupted happiness and joy. For a woman with child to dream that she has made her will, is unfortunate, as it denotes an unfortunate trial of labor. Wren.—To dream of this little bird is good, as the wren is noted for its innocence; the person so dreaming is certain of having a noble friend. But to dream you kill it, is bad. Walnuts.—To dream of walnuts, portends difficulties and misfortunes in life. If you have children, your eldest son will marry a woman who will make him very unhappy. In love, it foretells infidelity and disappointment. To the seaman, storms and shipwreck. To the tradesman, loss of goods and reputation through a confidential servant. Well.—If a young man dreams that he draws water out of a well, it signifies a speedy marriage to a fair maid, who will bring him a portion. If the water be troubled, he[50] will be disturbed by her, and suddenly fall sick. If he seems to give to others clear well water to drink, it denotes that he will enrich them. But if the water be troubled, he will afflict them. If he dreams that he sees a person fall into a well, it signifies that the person dreamed of shall die quickly. Wounds.—To dream you are wounded, is a very favorable omen, especially if it be with a sword. To the lover, it denotes success in your amours, and with an agreeable partner, who will be faithful and affectionate. To the tradesman, profit; and to the farmer, increase in his cattle and plentiful crops. To the sailor, a profitable voyage, with success in love. Wager.—To dream you have laid a wager on some matter in dispute, or on some event that has to come off, denotes that you are in danger of being subjected to a serious accident, and that through the interposition and courage of a friend you are permitted to escape with only a slight injury. Wages.—For a workingman to dream that he has had his wages reduced, signifies that he is about to be removed to a more lucrative situation. To dream that he has had his wages advanced, denotes that he will shortly be without employment. Waves.—To dream that you are on the sea-shore, and surrounded by the waves, is an indication that you will be shortly placed in very difficult and distressing circumstances, out of which it will require all your energy and perseverance to escape. Waltzing.—To dream you are waltzing with some agreeable partner, is an indication that you will be subjected to some unpleasant treatment from one from whom you expected nothing but kindness. Widow.—For a newly married woman to dream that she is a widow, signifies that she will be blessed with comfort and happiness in domestic life and be the mother of dutiful and obedient children. Wig.—For one who has no lack of hair to dream that he wears a wig, signifies that he will be compelled to stand before a judge in a court of law, either as a criminal or as a witness. Witchcraft.—For a person to dream that he has been to visit a supposed fortune-teller, denotes that misfortune shall befall him, unpleasantness in his family, treachery in his place of business and deception in those he supposed his best friends. Worms.—To dream that you see a great number of worms in your path, is an indication that the death of either yourself or of some one dear to you may shortly be expected. For a young woman to dream that she has trod upon a worm that was crawling in her path, signifies that the engagement between her and her lover will be in danger of being broken off through the machinations of a jealous rival, but eventually a reconciliation will be accomplished. Wreath.—For a young woman to dream that her head is adorned with the bridal wreath, is an indication that death will shortly visit either herself or some one dear to her. Wreck.—To dream that you are witnessing the wreck of some vessel at a short distance from the sea-shore, is an indication that one in whom you reposed great confidence will deceive you. Writing.

Dreaming of writing ever means nerve;
’Twill grant or deny, will give or refuse.

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