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7 Archangels Dressed Candle Kit - 7 Arcangeles

7 Archangels Dressed Candle Kit - 7 Arcangeles

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The 7 Archangels dressed candle in a jar is a powerful tool used to invoke the protection and guidance of the 7 archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Chamuel, Jophiel, and Zadkiel. It is made with wax along with a capsule of herbs, a capsule of powders, and a perfume dram that are said to have protective and cleansing energies. The jar is decorated with images of the 7 archangels, who are often depicted as wearing robes and holding symbols of their power. When you light this candle, you are calling on the power of the 7 archangels to protect you from harm, to guide you on your journey, and to help you achieve your goals and dreams. The flickering flame of the candle represents the light of protection and helps to clear away negative energy and attract positive energy. The images of the 7 archangels remind you of the divine presence in your life and the power of love, faith, and hope.

This candle can be used for a variety of purposes, such as: • Seeking protection from harm • Finding your way home • Dealing with a difficult situation • Overcoming obstacles and challenges • Finding peace and serenity • Attracting love and relationships • Achieving your goals and dreams

Kit includes: 1 dram perfume, herbs, powders and a scrap of parchment along with instructions booklet for your ritual. Burn this candle to help you solve problems in the family, health or work. Each archangel has its purpose (Miguel, protection, Jofiel for sales or transactions, Chamuel to understand better, Gabriel for help, Uriel for harmony, Zadaquiel to protect the home, Rafael is the medicine of God). -*- Queme esta veladora para que le ayude a resolver problemas en la familia, la salud o el trabajo. Cada arcángel tiene su propósito (Miguel, protección; Jofiel para ventas o transacciones; Chamuel para entender mejor; Gabriel para pedir ayuda; Uriel para la armonía; Zadaquiel para proteger el hogar; Rafael es la medicina de Dios).

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