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Against Harm Dressed Candle Kit - Contra Daños

Against Harm Dressed Candle Kit - Contra Daños

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This Against Harm dressed candle in a jar is a powerful tool for protection and spiritual cleansing. It is made with wax and comes along with a capsule of herbs, a capsule of powders, and a perfume dram that are said to repel negative energy and promote positive change. When you light this candle, you will be surrounded by a protective barrier that will shield you from harm. The flickering flame of the candle will create a sense of peace and tranquility, and will help to clear away negative energy. This Against Harm dressed candle in a jar is the perfect gift for anyone who is feeling vulnerable or who is experiencing negative energy. It is also a wonderful way to protect your home and loved ones from harm.

This candle can be used for a variety of purposes, such as: • Protection from negative energy, such as envy, jealousy, and hatred • Protection from harm, such as accidents, illness, and violence • Protection from spiritual attacks, such as curses and hexes • Spiritual cleansing and clearing • Manifesting positive change

Kit includes: 1 dram perfume, herbs, powders and a scrap of parchment along with instructions booklet for your ritual. Burn Against Harm Candle to protect yourself, home, business and family form any dangerous situation such as evil spells, hexes, vandalism, injuries etc. -*- La poderosa mezcla de Contra Daños está diseñada para preveer cualquier tipo de ataque de magia negra. Úselo cuando no es claro el origen ni la forma del mal. Bueno para proteger.

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