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Don Juan Mr. Money Dressed Candle Kit - Don Juan Del Dinero

Don Juan Mr. Money Dressed Candle Kit - Don Juan Del Dinero

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The Don Juan Mr. Money dressed candle is a powerful tool for attracting money and prosperity into your life. It is made with green wax, which is said to promote growth and abundance. The candle also comes along with a capsule of herbs, a capsule of powders, and a perfume dram that are known for their money-drawing properties. These items can be used to further cleanse and activate the candle's energy. It is also said to help you manifest your financial goals and begin positive cycles. As the candle burns, visualize yourself attracting money and abundance into your life. You can also write down your financial goals on a piece of parchment and place it in the candle.

Benefits: • Wealthy • Prosperous • Lucky • Helps you manifest your financial goals • Promotes a positive financial atmosphere

Kit includes: 1 dram perfume, herbs, powders and a scrap of parchment along with instructions booklet for your ritual.
The mix of Don Juan Mr. Money includes future and optimism essences. Use it to clean a place or person, in order to receive the goods. Will help to begin positive cycles. -*-

La mezcla de Don Juan del Dinero incluye aromas de futuro y optimismo. Se usa para limpiar un sitio o persona, se limpia para que reciba lo bueno. Ayudará a comenzar ciclos positivos.

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