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Fast Money - Casino Green Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

Fast Money - Casino Green Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

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Green Poppets are used in money magic to attract wealth, financial prosperity, and abundance. They symbolize the fertile energy of growth and are often employed in rituals and spells to manifest financial success, increase income, or secure financial stability.

Use them to pray for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.

Kit contains: A poppet,
herbs & powders,
a scrap of parchment,
1 dram of perfume,
1 candle,
1 threaded needle, & instructions.

Prayer for Fast Money Green Poppet:
"Green Poppet of prosperity, I call to thee,
Bring forth abundance, let wealth flow free.
Open paths of fortune, clear and bright,
Grant success and financial might.
In your fibers, magic weave,
In my life, prosperity achieve."

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