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Healing & Cleansing White Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

Healing & Cleansing White Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

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White poppets are employed in purification, cleansing, and healing magic to channel positive energy and intentions, aiding in the removal of negative influences, purification of the spirit, and promotion of physical spiritual and emotional well-being.

Use them to pray for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.

Kit contains: A poppet,
herbs & powders,
a scrap of parchment,
1 dram of perfume,
1 candle,
1 threaded needle, & instructions.

Prayer for Healing and Cleansing White Poppet:
"White Poppet, pure and true,
Bring healing light and comfort too.
Wash away pain, cleanse the soul,
Restore the body, make it whole.
In your embrace, let sickness cease,
Bring forth wellness, grant us peace.
With gentle touch and energy bright,
Heal with love, by day and night."

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