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Holy Death with Green Halo Color Morphing Mug, 11oz

Holy Death with Green Halo Color Morphing Mug, 11oz

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Personalized mugs are super popular gifts for friends and loved ones. This one changes color and will be the gift that keeps on giving. The heat-reactive surface reveals your custom designs once the mug gets warm. The ceramic cup will go back to its original black outside and white inside when it cools down. The C-shaped handle helps keep a sturdy grip. It comes in one size – 11oz (0.33l) – plenty for that big morning cup of coffee.

The Holy Death, often depicted as a skeletal figure cloaked in a billowing robe, is a revered and mystical entity embodying both the end of life and the protective caretaker of the afterlife. Her visage, echoing the calm and inevitability of death, is adorned with various symbols of mortality and divinity, such as scythes, globes, and hourglasses, representing her dominion over time and fate. Despite her fearsome appearance, she is worshipped as a compassionate guardian who guides the souls of the departed with gentle solemnity, ensuring their safe passage to the beyond. Followers of the Holy Death seek her blessings for protection, healing, and justice, believing she holds the power to grant miracles and intervene in the affairs of the living, as much as she presides over the dead. Revered across cultures, she is a figure of awe and reverence, a bridge between the earthly and the eternal.

.: One size: 11oz (0.33 l)
.: Ceramic material with black exterior and white interior
.: Lead and BPA-free
.: Heat-reactive design
.: Glossy finish
.: NB! Hand wash recommended

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