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Jinx Removal Dressed Candle Kit - Quita Mala Suerte

Jinx Removal Dressed Candle Kit - Quita Mala Suerte

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The Jinx Removal dressed candle is a powerful tool used to remove jinxes, hexes, and other negative energies. It is made with wax along with a capsule of herbs, a capsule of powders, and a perfume dram that are said to have protective and cleansing energies. When you light this candle, you are calling on the power of the Divine to help you remove any negative energies that may be holding you back. The flickering flame of the candle represents the light of protection and helps to clear away negative energy and attract positive energy. The image reminds you of your own power and strength to break free from any limitations.

This candle can be used for a variety of purposes, such as: • Removing jinxes and hexes • Clearing away negative energy • Breaking bad luck cycles • Finding peace and serenity • Attracting love and relationships • Achieving your goals and dreams

Kit includes: 1 dram perfume, herbs, powders and a scrap of parchment along with instructions booklet for your ritual. Burn this candle to remove hexes, nullify jinxes and repel harmful influences. It is reputedly a most powerful help for all crossed conditions. -*- Encienda esta veladora para eliminar los hechizos, anule los maleficios y repele las influencias nocivas. Se dice que es una ayuda muy poderosa para todas las condiciones cruzadas.

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