Legends of Incense, Herb & Oil Magic, by Lewis de Claremont

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A Handbook Of Magic Using Incense, Herbs and Oils. It contains formulas and Seals. By Lewis de Claremont 82 Pages 8.5" x 5.5" (21 x 14cm) CONTENTS: Chapter 1: Oil and Perfume Magic, The Art of Occult and Psychic Anointing, Holy Trinity of the Soul, How to Anoint, How to Dress a Candle with Oil, and Oils Used in Magic. Chapter 2: Dictionary of Oils. Chapter 3: Love Powders, Potions, Tinctures, and Philtres. Chapter 4: All about incenses. Chapter 5: Information on Herbs, Flowers and Trees. Chapter 6: Herbs Used in Magic. Chapter 7: Elder, Fern, and Mistletoe. Chapter 8: Occult Sachet Powders. Chapter 9: Formulas for White Lavender, Red Lavender, Chinese Wash, Baume Tranquille, Bush Baths, Herb Baths and Condition Baths.