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Love & Attraction Red Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

Love & Attraction Red Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

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Red poppets are used in love magic to ignite passion, desire, and romantic attraction. They symbolize the intense emotions of love and are often employed to draw love, deepen existing relationships, or kindle the flames of passion between partners. They can also be used in friendship matters.

Use them to pray for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.

Kit contains: A poppet,
herbs & powders,
a scrap of parchment,
1 dram of perfume,
1 candle,
1 threaded needle, & instructions.

Prayer for Love and Attraction Red Poppet:
"Red Poppet, flame of heart's desire,
Ignite within a love that's higher.
Draw near the bonds that true hearts seek,
Let love be strong, never weak.
In your threads, passion weave,
In my life, true love achieve.
With your hue, attraction spread,
Bring heartfelt connections, as I've said."

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