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Protection From Envy "Contra Envidia" Unisex Perfume with Pheromones and Amulet

Protection From Envy "Contra Envidia" Unisex Perfume with Pheromones and Amulet

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(118.3ml- 4oz)

Protection from Envy Spiritual Unisex Perfume transcends a mere scent; it's an aromatic shield woven with the essence of warding off negativity. This invigorating blend isn't a magic bullet, but rather a tool for those seeking to deflect envious energies and protect their positive aura. Here's a glimpse into how practitioners integrate this protective fragrance into their practices:

  • Auric Cleansing: After a social gathering or interaction that left them feeling drained, practitioners might use Protection from Envy in an auric cleansing ritual. By fumigating themselves with the smoke of burning incense infused with the perfume or strategically applying a touch to their pressure points, they aim to cleanse their energy field of any negativity or envious vibes picked up from others.

  • Ritual Boundaries: A light mist of Protection from Envy around the perimeter of a sacred space before a ritual creates a protective barrier. The invigorating notes can help shield the practitioner and their intentions from external negativity or envious interferences.

  • Visualization and Affirmations: While wearing Protection from Envy, practitioners might visualize a white light surrounding them, deflecting any envious energies sent their way. Combining this visualization with affirmations of self-protection and positive energy amplifies the power of the practice.

  • Symbolic Tools: Protection from Envy can be incorporated into protective amulets or talismans. A few drops on a black tourmaline crystal (known for its shielding properties) or a charm bag filled with protective herbs like mugwort can add an extra layer of intention to the magical tool. Wearing these charms or placing them near their workspace can create a continuous energetic shield.

  • Mojo Bags and Spellwork: A few drops of Protection from Envy can be added to mojo bags traditionally used for warding off negativity or during spells focused on protection from envious gossip or ill will. The fragrance acts as an energetic shield, amplifying the practitioner's intention to deflect negativity and maintain a positive energetic field.

This is just a glimpse into the diverse ways practitioners use Protection from Envy. The true power lies in the individual's belief in its protective properties and how they connect with the invigorating energy of the fragrance. By incorporating Protection from Envy into their rituals, daily routines, and whenever they feel exposed to envious energies, practitioners create a multi-sensory experience that strengthens their energetic boundaries and safeguards their positive aura.

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