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Road Opener 7 Colors Dressed Candle Kit - Abre Caminos 7 Colores

Road Opener 7 Colors Dressed Candle Kit - Abre Caminos 7 Colores

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The Road Opener 7 colors dressed candle is a powerful tool used to invoke the power of clearing obstacles and opening new paths. It is made with wax along with a capsule of herbs, a capsule of powders, and a perfume dram that are said to have protective and cleansing energies The jar is decorated with an image of a broken chain, which is often seen as a symbol of new beginnings and possibilities. This candle can help clear away obstacles in your life, open new doors of opportunity, make a fresh start, find your way back home, as well as achieving your goals and dreams. It can also help manifest your desires, attract love and relationships, help gain wisdom and clarity, heal from emotional or physical pain, and also connecting to your higher self.

The candle is also dressed with 7 colors, each representing a different energy or intention: • Red: passion, courage, and strength • Orange: creativity, inspiration, and protection • Yellow: joy, happiness, and optimism • Green: abundance, growth, and prosperity • Blue: peace, tranquility, and calmness • Indigo: wisdom, intuition, and spirituality • Violet: transformation, healing, and enlightenment

Kit includes: 1 dram perfume, herbs, powders and a scrap of parchment along with instructions booklet for your ritual. 7 colors, seven aromas gathered in the singular mixture of Road Opener. It is used in 7 stages to gradually open the way. It works for companies that look impossible. -*- 7 colores, siete aromas reunidos en la singular mezcla de Abre Caminos. Se usa en 7 etapas para ir abriendo a pasos el camino. Sirve para empresas que lucen imposibles.

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