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Spirituality & Illumination Yellow Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

Spirituality & Illumination Yellow Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

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Yellow poppets in magic and prayer are used to enhance communication, creativity, and mental clarity, promoting positive thinking and intellectual pursuits. Great tool for artistic pursuits.

Use them to pray for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.

Kit contains: A poppet,
herbs & powders,
a scrap of parchment,
1 dram of perfume,
1 candle,
1 threaded needle, & instructions.

Prayer for Spirituality, Illumination, and Creativity Yellow Poppet:
"Yellow Poppet, bright and clear,
Awaken spirituality, bring it near.
Illuminate paths where creativity flows,
In your light, inspiration grows.
Spark ideas, let imagination soar,
Open mind's eye, reveal much more.
In your vibrant threads, wisdom weave,
Enlighten my spirit, in what I believe."

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