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Strength & Power Brown Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

Strength & Power Brown Poppet / Voodoo Doll Kit

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Strength & Power Brown Poppet Kit is used in control, strength, and domination magic or prayer to represent earthy stability and authority. Crafted in this color, brown poppets are used in rituals and spells aimed at asserting control, gaining strength, or exerting dominance over a situation or individual. They symbolize grounding energy.

Use them to pray for yourself or on behalf of a loved one.

Kit contains: A poppet,
herbs & powders,
a scrap of parchment,
1 dram of perfume,
1 candle,
1 threaded needle, & instructions.

Prayer for Domination, Strength and Power Brown Poppet:
"Brown Poppet, sturdy and earth-bound,
In your fibers, let strength be found.
Grant me power, steady and true,
Support my endeavors, in all I do.
Root me deep, like the ancient tree,
In life's storms, unmovable be.
Bestow resilience, firm and sound,
In your embrace, let might abound."

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